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  1. Is it only me that is irritated by the continuous stream of tanker/tractors tearing through Lugwardine & Bartestree? they are continually speeding and even texting whilst driving and obviously driving dangerously looking at all the skid marks by Lugwardine Church, I am told they are authorised by the council to ferry waste from a biomass system at Hampton Bishop to various farms around the county between the hours of 06.00 – 20.00 7 days a week, these tractors are making what is normally a quiet village life into a sleep deprived misery.

  2. Having driven home from Hereford this morning,I am dismayed to note the appalling state of the uncut verges in Bartestree in particular the verge outside the BT exchange and the nearby field and the weeds all along the road side , we were left a leaflet at the weekend asking for ideas on what to do with a gift of a field to the village I suggest that we might as well have more houses on it ,as it seems to me that we are not capable here of keeping any area tidy ,my question is who will maintain it , will it be the same non existent people who maintain the hedges and verges at the moment, my last point is when oh when will Longworth Lane be resurfaced and the verges and hedges cut .

  3. Can the Parish Council provide any detail on the new road that is going in to Hampton Bishop from the Lugg flats at the bottom of the Tupsley hill to provide HGV access to the anaerobic digester that is being built at Court Farm for 7000 tonnes of waste to be turned into electricity and what impacts that will have on the traffic through Lugwardine and Bartestree.
    Please could this be raised at the next Parish Council meeting.

  4. Could some action be taken please with regard to overhanging trees and hedges along the pavement through Bartestree village, as it makes walking safely very difficult in places, particularly on the hill and bend coming up from Lugwardine. Also the encroachment of the verges is narrowing the pavement space. Vehicles travel up the hill too fast and cut the corner at the top making it very dicey when walking along. There are brambles hanging down over the pavement which could cause a nasty injury particularly at night time, and also when children are walking up from St Mary’s School. With the increased traffic, as predicted, due to new building this is now becoming an urgent matter.

    • Thank you for your email. The Parish Council is constantly logging highway issues with Balfour Beatty. Due to the highway being an A-Road, Balfour Beatty have to do the work.
      I shall ensure that this particular issue is logged immediately. Do feel free to log any highway issues with Balfour Beatty too. The details of how to do this can be found on Herefordshire Council’s website.
      Kind regards

  5. Following a site walk with Balfour and Parish Cllr Ron Williams I have arranged for the gullies to be cleaned out from the Village hall entrance downhill to the Church crossroads hoping to help alleviate runoff water running over the pavements .

    Dave Greenow
    Ward Cllr


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