Minutes 8 September 2015

TUESDAY 8 September 2015 AT 7.30 PM

Councillors: Cllrs Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice-Chair); R Williams; Mrs F Matthews; P Wargent; M Wilson; D Forrest; and S Garner

In Attendance:
Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO)

Members of the public: None

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence
Apologies received from Cllrs Mrs J Karayiannis; Mrs L Hoppé; N Shore and D Greenow (Ward Councillor)

2. Declarations of Interest
2.1 To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation
Item 18 – Cllr R Williams – Non-Pecuniary
Item 18 – Cllr D Forrest – Non-Pecuniary
Resolved: Noted

3. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 14 July and 25 August 2015
The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members
Resolved: The Minutes were adopted and signed by the Chair

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Cllr Wilson (Chair of Planning Committee) advised that in the absence of 2 Planning Committee Members at the earlier Meeting and as Councillors wished to make individual comments at this Meeting, the Planning Committee had no recommendations to make to the Parish Council on Item 4.
4.1 To receive a Report from The NDPSG Secretary
Comments: At our last meeting on 27 August we went through the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan and amended it to produce the version you have been sent. We also went through the draft Grant Application and draft Project Plan, which has to accompany the Grant Application.
We intend to distribute one copy of the draft Plan to each household by post as it is the easiest way and also provides proof of sending. It is hoped that they can be sent out by the beginning of October so that the six-week consultation can start then. The draft Plan will also be put on the PC website. We intend to hold two consultation events in the Village Hall, one on Sunday October 11th and the other on Saturday October 17th
Resolved: Report noted and Wendy Soilleux thanked.
4.2 To agree the draft Neighbourhood Plan
Comments: Cllr Wilson raised queries regarding the draft letter to accompany the Plan; colour coding on the plans and various sites. He pointed out that the Development Plan was ultimately the responsibility of the full Parish Council and not the Steering Group and that Councillors are required to ensure that it was prepared in the public interest. Cllr Wilson also raised concern that he felt the Steering Group were not proceeding within the rules in that some members had a hidden agenda. However, he was not prepared to “name and shame” and Cllr Soilleux felt it was inappropriate to make such a generalised comment and that it was a waste of time to mention it. The other points raised by Cllr Wilson were discussed in detail.
Resolved: The Plan was agreed subject to the amendments discussed. The Chair thanked Lucinda Rowberry for preparing the draft Plan and Christina Stokes for typing it.

4.3 To agree the cost of printing the Plan
Comments: Quotations had been obtained from Impact of £385; PIP Printing of £454.
Resolved: The Secretary of the NDPSG could use her discretion regarding the cost of printing up to a limit of £700.
4.4 To agree the cost of distributing the Plan
Comments: These include the purchase of 1,000 A4 envelopes at £28; postage 900 x 95p = £855; printing of labels by HALC who will have up to date details at £106.
Resolved: These costs agreed up to a total of £1,200

4.5 To approve the new Project Plan
Resolved: Agreed subject to amendments discussed
4.6 To approve the Grant Application for the NDP
Resolved: Approved
4.7 To consider winding up the NDP Steering Group at their October Meeting and transferring the responsibility for the NDP to the Planning Committee for final PC approval. Also to co-opt the Chair of the Group as a non-Councillor member of the Planning Committee for continuity in wrapping up the project
Comments: It was felt that there was still work to be done by the Steering Group and that it should remain in force until the Parish Council is closer to knowing that the NDP is accepted
Resolved: The Steering Group will not be wound up at this stage

5. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:
5.1 District Councillor
Resolved: In the absence of the Ward Councillor no Report was given
5.2 Local Police Officer
Resolved: In the absence of an Officer no Report was given

6. Open Discussion – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish
Resolved: The Clerk was asked to write to Balfour Beatty regarding the condition of the road from Lugg Bridge across the Lugg Flats as it was in a very poor state following work carried out over recent months.

7. Planning
7.1 To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee
Comments: Cllr Wilson reported on the Planning meetings held since the last scheduled Meeting and remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.
Resolved: Noted
7.2 To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee dated 14 July, 28 July, 24 August and 25 August 2015
Resolved: The Minutes had previously been circulated to all Councillors

8. Financial Matters
8.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in order. As at 28 August 2015 the Community Account was £6,841.04 and Business Saver Account £23,923.62
The Finance Notes including payments made and income received since the last meeting was previously circulated
Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council
8.2 To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group
Comments: A written Report had been previously circulated
Resolved: Noted
8.3 To Consider Recommendations made by the Finance Working Group
Comments: The following recommendations were agreed (numbered as in the Report):
4(a) That the Parish Council consider the draft Budget as circulated and any other items that may arise, including a possible new fence for the Play Area. The Budget will appear as a main Item on the November Agenda

4(b) The Parish Council agree to pay the Clerk overtime when needed
4(c) The matter of unspent Election Costs be deferred to the November Meeting
7. The current Financial Regulations stand
8. Consideration of the renewal of the current website is deferred to the November Meeting
11. It was agreed not to award a grant to the CAB

8.4 To Consider and Agree:
8.4.1 Payments made since 14 July 2015 [As listed on Finance Notes]
Resolved: Noted
8.4.2 Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed on Finance Notes] Balfour Beatty – SIDs May 2015 (996) £180.00; Balfour Beatty – SIDs June 2015 (996) £180.00; Daniel Squire – Ground Maintenance (997) £114.00; DC Gardening Services – Mowing (998) £708.00; DC Gardening Services – Mowing (998) £510.00; Eve Wilson – August Salary and R/A (999) £**.**; Hfds Council – Playground Report (000) £60.72; HALC – Training 17 August 2015 (001) £30.00; HALC – PAYE Service (001) £288.00; HALC – Training 13 June 2015 (001) £90.00; Michael Dyer – Lengthsman (002) £55.00
Resolved: Noted and agreed

9. To Consider the Playground Report and recommended work/repairs
Comments: It was noted that new chain links would be needed for future repair
Resolved: It was agreed that repairs be carried out as recommended in the Report up to a total of £150.

10. Standing Orders update
Comments: The recommended amended Standing Orders had previously been circulated to all Councillors
Resolved: Agreed and Adopted as amended

11. Code of Conduct
Comments: A copy of the recommended Code of Conduct had previously been circulated to all Councillors
Resolved: Agreed and Adopted

12. To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme
Comments: Details of work done was circulated prior to the Meeting
Resolved: Noted

13. Public Green Spaces Community Grant
Comments: Details of the Grant had previously been circulated to all Councillors
Resolved: An enquiry will be made to see if the grant would cover fences around green spaces or play areas

14. Lost Ways and Anomalies
Comments: Information regarding this and it’s potential impact on the Parish had previously been circulated to all Councillors
Resolved: The Parish Council agreed that the Footpaths Officer should investigate further whether the well used path from Hagley Park, across Hagley Parkland could become an official Public Right of Way

15. Parish Plan – Actions
Comments: No further matters to report
Resolved: Further comments on progress will be brought to the next Scheduled Meeting

16. To Consider the Proposed Community Governance Review
Comments: Details had previously been circulated to all Councillors. Points to be considered include parish boundaries; the possibility of amalgamating Lugwardine and Bartestree and re-naming the parish and increasing the number of Councillors
Resolved: The above and other possible points will be considered and discussed at the November Meeting. In the meantime, the Clerk will write to the Herefordshire Council to note the items referred to above and that further consideration will be given at the next scheduled Meeting.

17. Herefordshire Council Budget Consultation
Comments: Details had previously been circulated to all Councillors
Resolved: Individuals should respond direct to Herefordshire Council by 9 October 2015

18. To Receive an update on the future of the proposed gifted land
Comments: Cllrs Soilleux, Davies and Wilson met with members of the Bartestree & Lugwardine Playing Fields Association on 31 August 2015. The group agreed that the proposed gifted field should have a wide range of defined uses, which could be explored further at future meetings. Much work would be needed to bring this land up to the same high standard as the current playing fields.
The background of the B&LPFA was clarified as follows:
The B&LPFA was formed in 1995 and is a designated local charity with its own constitution. When the land for the Hall was acquired a big public meeting was called and held at the school to launch the idea of the Playing Fields. From that a steering committee was formed to draw up a Constitution, and the PFA proper was launched at a second big public meeting where officers and committee were elected.
The objects of the PFA are to provide for the inhabitants of Bartestree and Lugwardine and the neighbourhood in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreation and leisure- time occupation, for the purpose of relaxation and with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants. The B&LPFA is purely a local body with no links to the National Playing Fields Association. Membership is effectively all residents of the Parish, though probably few know that now. AGMs are advertised on all notice boards, in the Hall and all around the fields, but it is rare for anyone to attend other than the usual Councillors, Committee members and volunteers. The rights and obligations of the PFA and the two Clubs in relation to each other and the PC are set out in a number of formal Agreements. The basic one between the PC and PFA provides that the PFA leases the fields from the PC for 50 years from 1996. Everything that you see around you there has been created from rough pastureland by the efforts of a large number of volunteer local residents working initially with very low budgets and a great deal of commitment and enthusiasm.
The meeting was a very positive affair and all members were keen to take the proposed project forward.
Resolved: Noted and Cllr Soilleux thanked for preparing the Report and Cllr Shore for the background information

19. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)
Resolved: No questions raised

20. To Note the Information Sheet
Resolved: Noted

21. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion] All items reserved from these Minutes

22. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 10 November 2015

Meeting concluded at 9.55 pm

Signature of Chair      Date: 10 November 2015