Minutes 31 May 2017


Councillors: Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice-Chair); Mrs J Karayiannis; R Williams and M Wilson.

In Attendance:
Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO);

Members of the public: None

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence
Apologies received from Cllrs N Shore; Mrs F Matthews; P Wargent; D Forrest; S Garner and Mrs L Hoppé

2. To Receive Declarations of Interest or Applications for Dispensations

3. To Consider whether the following Council documents need updating
8.1 Standing Orders
Resolved: No update required
8.2 Financial Regulations
Resolved: No update required
8.3 Code of Conduct
Resolved: No update required
8.4 Financial Controls and Risk Assessment
Resolved: Amended and attached as Appendix 1 to these Minutes
8.5 Asset Register
Resolved: Amended and attached as Appendix 2 to these Minutes
8.6 Risk Schedule
Resolved: Amended and attached as Appendix 3 to these Minutes
8.7 Press and Media Policy
Resolved: No update required
8.8 Grant and Donations Policy
Resolved: No update required
8.9 Complaints Procedure
Resolved: No update required
8.10 Publication Scheme
Resolved: No update required
8.11 Website Policy
Resolved: No update required
8.12 Planning Committee Terms of Reference
Resolved: No update required

At this point Cllr R Williams had to leave the Meeting

4. Financial Matters
4.1 To Receive a Report and Financial Statement from the RFO
Comments: The RFO addressed the following points arising from the internal audit:
S.137 Expenditure
It should have been recorded in previous Minutes that any Grants or Donations are made under S.137 Local Government Act 1972. All donations made by the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting in May are payments made under S.137.

Councillors addressed the following payments, which have been omitted from earlier Minutes and which were endorsed:

Minutes 8 March 2016
Eve Wilson – Jan Salary and R/A (040) £**.**; Mr R Francis – Play Area Inspection (041) £45.00; Mr L White – NDP – Ink (042) £11.04
Minutes 10 May 2016
Groundwork UK – NDP – Grant Refund (048) £1,868.74; NDP – Memory Sticks and Ink (049) £23.04; Eve Wilson – March Salary and R/A (050) £**.**; Mr M Dyer – Lengthsman (051) £936.00
Minutes 13 September 2016
Daniel Squire Ltd – Mowing (072) £912.00; Mr R Francis – Play Area Check (073) £45.00; Eve Wilson – July Salary and R/A (074) £**.**; Herefordshire Council – Playground Inspection (075) £60.72; Andrew Howells – Clean Bus Shelters (076) £60.00; Daniel Squire – Mowing (077) £630.00
Minutes 8 November 2016
Eve Wilson – September Salary and R/A (086) £**.**; Eve Wilson – October Salary and R/A (087) £**.**
Minutes 10 January 2017
Rymans – NDP – Plastic Pocket Folders (096) £15.70; Eve Wilson – November Salary and R/A (097) £**.**; McAfee Anti Virus ((098) £17.99; Signs & Labels – Dog Signs (099) £58.68; Playdale – Repairs (100) £580.31; Bartestree Village Hall – Contrib Biffa Bin (101) £100.00; Groundwork UK – NDP – Refund Grant (102) £1,150.44; David Matthews – Bartestree Squash Tree (103) £30.00; Eve Wilson – December Salary and R/A (104) £**.**; HALC – PAYE Services (105) £72.00; Autela Payroll Services –PAYE (106) £68.55

Annual Return – Section 2 – Accounting Statement 2016/17
The figures in the following Columns require amendment:-

Column 3 – from 7,393 to 7,295
Column 4 – from 7,568 to 7,513
Column 6 – from 34,069 to 26,512
Column 7 – from 28,374 to 35,888

The amendments relate to a one off amount for Employers NIC of £54.96 (cheque 069 dated 4 July 2016) being included in Staff Costs rather than ‘All Other Payments’ and the un-presented cheque for the possible application to the Planning Department regarding the Village Hall Entrance being included in Receipts and Payments, when it should not have. The large difference in Column 6 is due to a mis-calculation where staff costs were not deducted from payments, as they should have been. The amended figures result in the cash book balancing with the Annual Return.

Details of Receipts and Payments for the year ended 31 March 2017 have been circulated.

Income for 2016/17 was not dramatically different from 2015/16.
The fact that there was no payment to the PWLB for 2016/17 meant that there was £3,116 less expenditure in comparison to 2015/16.

Expenditure for Staff Costs has increased due to the fact that no allowance was made for this when dealing with the Budget. This has been recognised and as from October 2017, consideration will be given to any salary increase for the Clerk/RFO.

There has been some one-off large expenditures for 2016/17 in the form of the Play Area Fence £7,780; the setting up of a new Website £594 and the Parish Council’s contribution to the Village Hall Lighting £1,989.
Resolved: The Report was noted and the proposed amendments approved
4.2 To Consider and approve the accounting procedure is to continue on a Receipts and Payments only basis
Resolved: Agreed and approved
4.3 To Approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2016/17
Resolved: Cllr Wilson requested a named vote
Section 1 Item 1 – Agreed by all Councillors
Item 2 – Cllr Soilleux – Yes; Cllr Davies – Yes; Cllr Karayiannis – Yes;
Cllr Wilson – No
Item 3 – Agreed by all Councillors
Item 4 – Agreed by all Councillors
Item 5 – Agreed by all Councillors
Item 6 – Agreed by all Councillors
Item 7 – Cllr Soilleux – Yes; Cllr Davies – Yes; Cllr Karayiannis – Yes;
Cllr Wilson – No
Item 8 – Agreed by all Councillors
Cllr Wilson asked for it to be noted that the current requirements for producing figures for the auditor have been in place for 3 years and he felt that the audit should have run more smoothly than it did

4.4 To Approve the Accounting Statements for 2016/17
Resolved: Approved
4.5 To Appoint an Internal Auditor for 2017/18
Resolved: HALC will be requested to arrange the Internal Audit for 2017/18

5. Proposed Gifted Land
5.1 To Agree number and cost of flyers to advertise Consultation Event on 9 July 2017 and any other costs to be incurred
Resolved: Impact Print is to supply 500 flyers at a cost of £50.00. Other incidental expenses agreed at £150.00. A total of £200.00.

6. Play Area – To agree quotation from Playdale for repairs to chain for £428.50 plus VAT
Resolved: Agreed.  It was agreed that £500.00 should be transferred from ‘Contingencies’ to ‘Play Area Repairs’ to allow for this expenditure.

Meeting concluded at 9.05pm

Signature of Chair                                                            Dated: