Minutes 14 March 2017


Councillors: Cllrs Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice Chair); R Williams; P Wargent; M Wilson; Mrs L Hoppé; N Shore; S Garner and D Forrest

In Attendance:
Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO); Cllr D Greenow (Ward Councillor)

Members of the public: 2

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence: Cllr Mrs F Matthews and Mrs J Karayannis

2. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 10 January 2017
The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members
Resolved: The Minutes were adopted and signed by the Chair

3. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation
Item 10 – Cllr N Shore – Non pecuniary as Playing Fields Association Secretary
Item 10 – Cllr R Williams – Non pecuniary as Member of Playing Fields Association
Item 7.1 – Cllr D Forrest – Discloseable pecuniary as party to the footpath
Noted. Cllr Forrest was granted dispensation to report on and discuss Item 7.1

4. Planning
4.1 To Consider the following Planning Application:
170515 – Land at Quarry Field, Lugwardine
Application for Reserved Matters (APP/W1850/A/14/2218385) for 30 dwellings
Comments: The Developers, Bell Homes had arranged a Public Exhibition on the afternoon of Friday 27 January and the morning of Sunday 29 January 2017 at Bartestree Village Hall. Members of the public attended and any queries raised were dealt with at the Exhibition.
Resolved: The Parish Council will submit the following comments:
1. The Parish Council cannot comprehend that the Highways/Planning Department(s) have deemed it unnecessary to make safer pedestrian access past High House and along Cotts Lane.
2. The Parish Council wishes to draw attention to Condition 8 of The Appeal Decision APP/W1850/A/14/2218385, namely:
“Development shall not begin until details of off-site footway improvement works adjacent to the A438 have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. None of the dwellings hereby approved shall be occupied until the approved scheme has been constructed.”
3. There is also concern regarding the lack of community open green space.
Subject to the above comments the Parish Council supports the application
4.2 To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee
Comments: The Chairman reported on the Planning meetings held since the last scheduled Meeting and remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.
Resolved: Noted
4.3 To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee dated 24 January 2017
Resolved: Noted. The Minutes had previously been circulated to all Councillors

5. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:
5.1 District Councillor
Comments: Cllr Greenow advised that he was very much aware of the state of the roads and pavements in the Ward. He has arranged a Meeting with the Locality Steward to do a walk of the village and inspect the offending areas. A complaint has been made to the Highways Cabinet Minister and he hopes that something can be done. Cllr R Williams will accompany Cllr Greenow on the village walk next Tuesday and report back to the Parish Council.
Resolved: Cllr Greenow’s comments were noted and he was thanked for his Report
5.2 Local Police Officer
In the absence of an Officer no Report was given

6. Neighbourhood Development Plan
6.1 To Consider Winding Up the Steering Group
Resolved: The Steering Group will be wound up as from the date of this Meeting, with grateful thanks extended to all those involved for their hard work in connection with the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

7. Open Discussion – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish
7.1 To Receive an update on the blocked drains near Gateway Nursery and Hagley Park and the installation of pavements on Longworth Lane
Comments: There is no change. The drains are still blocked. There is a rod still sticking up from a drain where someone has attempted to unblock it.
Resolved: Cllr Greenow will visit the area and put pressure on Herefordshire Council to remedy the problem with the drains. With regard to the pavements on Longworth Lane, A 278 Agreement has been signed and it is hoped that work will commence in approximately 6 weeks time.
There will be an update at the next Meeting
7.2 To Consider the installation of a barrier or similar, at the pedestrian crossing on the A438 opposite the Village Hall entrance to prevent schoolchildren running from the public footpath across the highway
Comments: A local resident has seen several children running from the footpath and over the A438 without looking. It was suggested that a self-closing gate be installed with a large sign warning of the danger, together with the possible extension of the boundary fence between the PROW and Hillcrest, the adjacent property, to allow the gate to be nearer to the A438.
Resolved: Cllr Greenow will investigate the site and report back at the next Meeting
7.3 To Consider what action may be taken regarding the condition of the pavements on Wilcroft Park, Bartestree
Resolved: See 5.1 above
7.4 To Consider the provision of a footway from the bus shelter at Lugwardine Court Orchard to St Mary’s School
Resolved: Cllr Greenow will investigate and report back at the next Meeting

8. Financial Matters
8.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in order. As at 27 February 2017 the balance in the Community Account was £15,383.19. The Business Premium Account balance was £23,941.50.
The half yearly audit did not take place during 2016 due to staff changes at HALC and subsequent mis-understandings.
The Finance Notes including payments made and income received since the last meeting were previously circulated
Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council
8.2 To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group
Comments: Details had been circulated prior to the Meeting
Resolved: Noted

8.3 To Consider Recommendations made by the Finance Working Group
Resolved: The following recommendations were made, numbered as shown in the FWG Report:
(8) Francis White to be instructed to arrange the playground inspection for 2017
(9) HALC subscription of £863.63 plus VAT £172.72 be renewed for 2017
(12) Any balance over and above the Lengthsman/P3 funding arising from the installation of the kissing gate at LU17 be taken from Contingencies
(15) Purchase an extension lead for use by the Parish Council at a cost of £25.00 maximum
(16) The Parish Council have their electrical equipment PAT tested. This to be included with the Village Hall’s next PAT test and a pro rata payment made by the Parish Council
8.4 To Consider whether to have a bi-annual internal audit for 2017
Resolved: The Parish Council will have one internal audit per annum
8.5 To Consider and Agree:
8.5.1 Payments made since 8 November 2016 [As listed on Finance Notes] Resolved: Noted
8.5.2 Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed on Finance Notes] Mr R Francis – Play Area Check (118) £40.00; Autela Payrole Services (119) £38.55; Balfour Beatty – SID deployment Dec & Jan (120) £360.00; HALC – Training x 2 31/1 &24/1 – Cllr Wilson (121) £72.00; HALC Subscription 2017/18 (122) £1,036.35; Eve Wilson – March Salary & R/A (123) £**.**
Resolved: Noted and agreed

9. Traffic
9.1 To Consider whether to proceed with a Feasibility Study to establish whether the extension/moving of the existing traffic island at Bartestree Crossroads is possible without impacting on road users, at a cost of £1,062.56 plus VAT as quoted by Balfour Beatty
Resolved: Clerk to enquire of Balfour Beatty exactly what a feasibility study involves and report at the next Meeting
9.2 To Consider whether to become involved in a Community Speed Watch
Resolved: It was resolved not to become involved as the Group Parish is already a ‘Community Concern Route Enforcement Area’

10. Village Hall Entrance
10.1 To consider whether it is appropriate to proceed with the widening of the entrance to the Village Hall
Comments: Councillors need to check and consider the position regarding S106 monies due. The Clerk will re-circulate recent information received from Herefordshire Council
Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting
10.2 To consider funding/grant opportunities for the widening of the VH entrance
Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting

11. Play Area
11.1 To Consider whether to proceed with the annual Playground Inspection by Terry Gordon via Francis White of Parks and Playgrounds at a cost of £58.60
Resolved: Agreed

12. To Discuss the future of the Village Pump
Resolved: Cllr Wilson will inspect the pump and report back at the next Meeting

13. Footpaths/Trees
13.1 To Receive a Report from the Footpaths and Tree Officer
Comments: Cllr Hoppé advised that the footpath in the corner of the field off Longworth Lane where horses had been kept was still in a very poor state. She had been assured by the owner that the horses would be removed to allow the ground to recover but they were still there.
There had been felling of 6 trees in the traditional orchard off Lumber Lane. Cllr Hoppé reported the matter to the Herefordshire Council, who will investigate.
Resolved: Report noted and Cllr Hoppé thanked

14. To Receive any updates from the Village Hall Representatives
Comments: Recent Minutes have been circulated.
Resolved: Nothing further to report

15. To Receive any updates from the Playing Fields Association Representatives
Resolved: Nothing to report

16. Lengthsman Scheme
16.1 To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme
Comments: Details of work done was circulated prior to the Meeting
Resolved: Noted

17. Website
17.1 To Consider whether to create a page for Agendas on the website
Resolved: A page already exists for Parish Council Agendas. Cllr Garner will create a new page for Planning Agendas

18. Transport Working Group
18.1 To Receive a Report from the Transport Working Group
Resolved: Nothing to report
18.2 To Consider and Discuss Cllr Jim Kenyon’s proposals for an inner bypass across the Lugg Flats
Resolved: The proposal was defeated, so this item is no longer relevant

19. Speed Indicator Devices
19.1 To consider alternative base for SID opposite Kartway in Lugwardine
Comments: Currently we are unable to use one of the devices on the eastbound route in Lugwardine.
Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting
19.2 To Consider displaying SID data on the Parish Council website
Resolved: Cllr Garner will create a page to contain a summary and update on each device

20. To Consider the offer to the Parish Council by Warwickshire & West Mercia Community Rehabilitation Company to become involved in a Community Payback project
Resolved: The Councillors considered this to be a scheme worth investigating. However, until a suitable project arises, the matter should be deferred

21. To Consider whether to submit further comments on the 2018 Boundary Review – West Midlands Region
Resolved: The following comments will be submitted:
“The Parish Council thinks it sensible to move the Hagley Ward from the existing North Herefordshire to the new Hereford and South Herefordshire Constituency as it is only three or four miles from Hereford City.
It also suggests that the ‘Old Gore’ Ward be included in the new Hereford and South Herefordshire Constituency rather than put it in the new Malvern and Ledbury Constituency as it relates more to Ross-on-Wye than to Ledbury or Malvern for shopping and most services.
The Parish Council understands that the idea is to create new Constituencies with equal numbers of constituents but the population of ‘Old Gore’ is not great and would still create two new Constituencies with populations of about 77,000 or 78,000 each.
For information, Old Gore Ward consists of the following parishes, which are very close to Ross-on-Wye: Brampton Abbotts; Brockhampton (Old Gore); Foy; How Caple; Kings Caple; Much Marcle; Sollershope; Upton Bishop; Woolhope and Yatton).
Existing county boundaries still carry great weight among the populous but are being ignored.”

22. To Consider whether to join the “Great British Spring Clean” campaign
Resolved: The Council resolved not to join the campaign

23. To Consider the provision of 2 replacement enclosed bus shelters at Hagley and Bartestree Crossroads, westbound on the A438
Comments: The Clerk reported to Council that Herefordshire Council would be interested in funding new shelters due to the 476 being one of the main routes they would like to maintain. However, there is no funding for this financial year. A request from the Parish Council would be considered in next year’s Budget.
The approximate cost of an enclosed shelter is between £5-£5,500. Herefordshire would pay 75% towards this plus the cost of any groundwork. If Herefordshire Council installed a shelter, they would take ownership but look to the Parish Council to maintain it.
The Herefordshire Council are currently cleaning all bus shelters on the main routes into town and would be pleased to include Bartestree and Lugwardine shelters at no charge. They require written confirmation that this is agreeable to the Parish Council.
Resolved: A request for 2 new shelters be made to Herefordshire Council plus confirmation that the Parish Council is pleased to accept the offer to have the existing shelters cleaned.

24. Parish Plan – Actions
Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting

25. To Note the Information Sheet
Resolved: Noted

26. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)
Resolved: No questions raised

27. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion] (1) To consider the problem of rubbish bags left on the A438 for collection being torn, resulting in rubbish littering the surrounding area

28. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 9 May 2017 at 7.30pm

Meeting concluded at 9.45 pm

Signature of Chair Date: 9 May 2017