Minutes 13 September 2016


Councillors: Cllrs Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); R Williams; P Wargent; M Wilson and D Forrest

In Attendance:
Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO); Lucinda Rowberry (Chair NDPSG); Cllr D Greenow (Ward Councillor); Mr B Reynolds and 3 Representatives

Members of the public: 4

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence
Cllrs Mrs J Karayiannis; Mrs F Matthews; N Shore, S Garner; G Davies and Mrs L Hoppé

2. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 10 May, 12 July and 9 August 2016
The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members
Resolved: The Minutes of 10 May, 12 July and 9 August 2016 were adopted and signed by the Chair

3. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation
Resolved: Noted

4. Planning
4.1 To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee
Comments: In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair Cllr Wilson reported on the Planning meetings held since the last scheduled Meeting and remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.
Resolved: Noted
4.2 To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee dated 12 and 26 July and 9 and 23 August 2016
Resolved: The Minutes had previously been circulated to all Councillors
4.3 To Consider further comments on Design and Layout details for the following application:
161745 Land East of Church House, Bartestree
Application for approval of reserved matters (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout, Scale) following outline approval P140757/O. For the erection of 50 dwellings
Comments: The Applicant Billy Reynolds and his 3 Representatives, Steve Watkins from Braemar Developments Ltd, Zahid Kahn the Architect and Tommy Buggins from Keepmoat Developments, gave a presentation on the amendments they had made to their application since their first presentation on the 9 August 2016.
Resolved: The following comments will be submitted to Herefordshire Council

Green Space
A copy of a Deed of Planning Obligation (referred to as S106 Monies) between the Owners, Developers and Herefordshire Council had been circulated prior to the Meeting. It was pointed out that a contribution of about £68,000 will be made towards an improved play area and playground facilities at the Frome Park and Village Hall sites in the group parish.. There will, therefore, be no other green open space allowed for in the development. Mr Steve Watkins of Braemar Developments Ltd urged the Parish Council to write to Herefordshire Council with a request for monies to enhance existing or develop new play areas.

Bungalows/Northwest Corner
The Developers advised that they had been in discussion with the Planning Office at Herefordshire Council regarding the proposed relocation of the bungalows in the northwest corner of the site. They said they were advised to leave the bungalows where they were as it was the highest point of the site and to replace them with 2-storey properties would be intrusive.

Position of Houses on West Side of Development Site
In view of the above comments the Developers advised that the 2-storey properties will remain as originally proposed. However they had rearranged Plot 21 to have a garage immediately opposite Church House so that the view is not obstructed.
The Parish Council requested that bungalows should replace the houses along the south-western boundary and the developers agreed very reluctantly to consider this.
A meeting with the residents of Lower Bartestree Farm and the applicant’s architect was proposed for 7 September, but the residents were away and it did not take place. The applicant did meet with the residents and advised them that he would ask the architect to re-arrange. At the time of the Meeting no further arrangements had been made.
The residents immediately opposite the development are very keen to meet with the architect as they feel very strongly about their views being interrupted and their privacy being affected.

Housing Design/Appearance
The Developers advised that they had explored options on the advice of the Planning Officer. They have looked at the houses near the entrance and those facing the A438 and will introduce a second brick to vary the appearance. They are also looking into changing some of the grey tiles to a different colour. This does not match up with the ‘varied palette of materials’ described in the Design and Access Statement.

It was confirmed that there will be 119 car parking spaces – 90 parking spaces and 29 garages. It was pointed out that even if almost every house has two parking spaces, there is no provision for visitors within the development. The Developers advised that the number of spaces is within recommended guidelines and accepted that car parking on estates is an issue throughout the country. This is surely a reason for finding a way of improving the situation. The Developers said that there are no parking restrictions on pavements. The Parish Council maintained that it could foresee huge problems arising from parking on the pavements, particularly near to the entrance of the estate.

There will be footway realignment to the PROW and no longer a footway along the A438 into Bartestree as originally suggested. There will also be a link to Frome Park.
Therefore, pedestrians from Frome Park will have to walk through the site to be able to join the footway to the north.

Public Consultation
There was disagreement regarding this. The Developers considered this presentation to be a public consultation, whereas the Parish Council did not agree. It was under the impression that it was agreed that a full public consultation would take place at the Village Hall at an appropriate time, ie: at a weekend, where residents could come and see the plans and discuss any queries they may have with the Developers.
The representative said he would need to discuss this with his colleagues before he could comment further.

5. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:
5.1 District Councillor
Comments: Cllr Greenow advised that he had recently had a meeting with the Mayor who is considering a number of ideas to increase tourism to the city of Hereford. These include a proposed city link from below the Cock of Tupsley to Rotherwas. This would be a ‘low class’ route for cars and light vehicles. The Mayor is hoping to give a presentation to the potentially affected Parish Councils to outline his vision. Also it has been suggested that part of the River Wye be dredged so that there would be facilities for paddle cruisers to travel to the Left Bank in the City. There are also plans for a cycle track on the Hereford Race Course.
Resolved: Cllr Greenow’s comments were noted and he was thanked for his Report
5.2 Local Police Officer
Resolved: In the absence of an Officer no Report was given

6. Neighbourhood Development Plan
6.1 To Decide if the NDP with suggested amendments by the Examiner should proceed to referendum or be withdrawn
Resolved: Cllr Soilleux requested a named vote on the adoption of the proposal.
Those in favour – Cllrs W Soilleux, M Wilson, R Williams, P Wargent and D Forrest
Those against – None
Those abstaining – None
Resolved: The proposal was agreed unanimously
The Minutes were adopted as a true record

7. Open Discussion – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish
Comments: A resident enquired if the footway at Lugwardine Church could be widened. He was advised that a similar request had been made in the past and that the Church Authorities had been involved and were not in favour of this.
Another resident asked if anything further had been done regarding speeding traffic at Bartestree Crossroads and heavy traffic turning in St James Close.
Resolved: Councillors will explore possibilities regarding the footway and advise Cllr Williams, who will notify the resident of the outcome. Residents were also advised that the traffic issues are in the hands of the District Councillor, who will lobby the Safer Roads Partnership.

8. Financial Matters
8.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in order. As at 29 August 2016 the balance in the Community Account was £12,092.11. The Business Premium Account balance was £23,935.54.
The Finance Notes including payments made and income received since the last meeting was previously circulated
Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council
8.2 To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group
Comments: In the absence of a Meeting no Report was available
Resolved: Noted
8.3 To Consider Recommendations made by the Finance Working Group
Resolved: There were no recommendations
8.4 To Consider and Agree:
8.4.1 Payments made since 12 July 2016 [As listed on Finance Notes] Resolved: Noted
8.4.2 Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed on Finance Notes] Eve Wilson – August Salary and Room Allowance (078) £**.**; Mr M Dyer – Lengthsman (079) £144.00; Signs & Labels – NDP Banner (080) £60.00; Signs & Labels – Dog Signs for VH an Playing Fields (081) £294.55; Information Commissioner – Subscription (082) £35.00; Daniel Squire – Mowing (083) £1,026.00; SLCC – Resit fee CiLCA (084) £80.00; Mr R Francis – Play Area Inspection (085) £45.00
Resolved: Noted and agreed

9. To Consider the installation of new Car Park and Entrance lighting
Comments: Cllr Wargent advised that the Village Hall Committee had made enquiries regarding the cost of the proposed lighting and that they had received a quotation from Balfour Beatty for £3,315.34 plus VAT. A private contractor had quoted a similar price. There would be 8 L.E.D. lights and it is hoped that this will discourage anti-social behaviour by various youths in the area.
Resolved: It was agreed that the Parish Council would make a 50% contribution of the total cost.

10. To Consider funding the cost of a Defibrillator Course for any interested person in the community in the sum of £1,750 and the cost of 2 sets of replacement defibrillator pads in the sum of £110.
Comments: The Clerk pointed out that there was a typing error regarding the cost of the course. This should read £175 and not £1,750. Enquiries will be made of the Round Table regarding funding.
Resolved: Deferred to next scheduled Meeting

11. To Receive a Report from the Footpaths and Tree Officer
Resolved: In the absence of the Officer no Report was given

12. To Receive any updates from the Village Hall Representatives
Comments: Recent Minutes have been circulated. It was suggested that there could be more interaction between the Village Hall event and the Parish Council. This was accepted and the Parish Council will receive advance notice of future events.
Resolved: The comments were noted and Cllr Wargent thanked

13. To Receive any updates from the Playing Fields Association Representatives
Comments: The Secretary will be reminded to circulate Minutes. Other wise nothing further of note to report.
Resolved: The comments were noted and Cllr Williams thanked

14. Lengthsman Scheme
14.1 To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme
Comments: Details of work done was circulated prior to the Meeting
Resolved: Noted
14.2 To Consider and agree the services of an additional/alternative Lengthsman
Comments: Details of Mr Mike Darley had been circulated prior to the Meeting.
Resolved: Mr Darley will be instructed in addition to the existing Lengthsman rather than as an alternative.

15. To Consider and agree changing 2 stiles on PROW LU14 on Stalls Farm land to 2 metal kissing gates
Comments: It was proposed that the two gates should be purchased from the Parish Plan reserved fund, as one of the ‘Parish Plan Actions’ is to replace all stiles with kissing gates.
Resolved: It was agreed that 2 gates be purchased from Parish Plan funds, totalling £480. The Parish Council will pay for the installation of one gate from Lengthsman/P3 funds and the landowner will be asked to fund the installation of the other gate.
16. To Consider and discuss the fence that has been erected to the left of the Village Hall entrance
Comments: Concern was raised that it would be difficult to mow around the wooden fence posts. Strimming would damage them. Generally the fence is pleasing and it was accepted that it has been erected on the boundary line.
Resolved: Cllr Soilleux will speak to the owners regarding the PC contractor mowing up to the posts and requesting them to tidy underneath the fence.

17. Parish Plan – Actions
Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting

18. To Note the Information Sheet
Resolved: Noted

19. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)
Resolved: No questions raised

20. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion]
Resolved: No items raised

21. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 8 November 2016

Meeting concluded at 9.20 pm

Signature of Chair                                   Date: 8 November 201