Minutes 13 January 2015



Councillors: Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice-Chair); R Williams; Mrs L Hoppé; Mrs F Matthews; P Wargent; N Shore and M Wilson.

In Attendance:

Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO); Lucinda Rowberry (Chair of NDPSG)

Members of the public: None

  1. To Accept Apologies for Absence

            Apologies received from Cllrs Mrs J Karayiannis; D Greenow;

  1. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 11 November, Tuesday 18 November and Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members.

Resolved: The Minutes were adopted and signed by the Chair

  1. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations

Items 14 and 17 – Cllr N Shore – non-discloseable pecuniary interest as Secretary of  PFA and Secretary of Cricket Club

Items 14 and 17 – Cllr R Williams – non-discloseable pecuniary interest as Member of PFA and Cricket Club

Items 7,14,19 – Cllr P Wargent – non-discloseable pecuniary interest as Village Hall Representative

Items 7,14,19 – Cllr Mrs F Matthews – non-discloseable pecuniary interest as Village Hall Representative and Member of Football Club Committee

            Resolved: Interests Noted

  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan

            4.1       To receive a Report from The NDPSG Chair

Comments: Lucinda Rowberry advised that there has been no change since her Report at       the last Parish Council Meeting on 11 November 2014. She and Cllr Wendy Soilleux    attended a meeting with Karla Johnson (new Liaison Officer) at Herefordshire Council on 10 December 2014 with a list of queries. However, Karla had no answers and is simply there as support for the overworked staff. She hopes to email further information to Lucinda by February this year. Cllr Shore suggested that a strong letter of concern be sent to the Head of the Planning Department with a copy to our MP Bill Wiggin, pointing out that the Parish Council is very concerned at the delay and as a result the risk of substantial     development is increasing, through no fault of the Parish Council. Lucinda will draft a letter for consideration by the Chair.

Resolved: Comments noted and Lucinda thanked for her attendance and Report. Letter to be sent to the Head of the Planning Department with a copy to Bill Wiggin MP noting the Parish Council’s concerns.

4.2       To approve the return of unspent Grant monies

Comments: Cllr Soilleux advised that £6,830 has been awarded towards the     Neighbourhood Development Plan. The sum of £6,147 had been received and of that    £4,138.29 spent. Therefore the sum of £2,031.71 will be returned, subject to confirmation            from the Community Development Foundation. The relevant form has been submitted to           the Foundation online and their response is awaited.

Resolved: The Cllrs agreed that a sum in line with that calculated be returned to the  Community Development Foundation once a request is received from them.

  1. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:

5.1       District Cllr D Greenow

Resolved: In the absence of Cllr Greenow, no report was received

5.2       Local Police Officer

            Resolved: In the absence of a local Officer, no report was received

  1. Open Time – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish

            Resolved: No matters raised

  1. Planning:

            7.1       To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee

 Comments:  Cllr G Davies remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.

 Resolved: Comments noted and Cllr Davies thanked

 7.2       To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meetings held on 21 October  and 25 November 2014

Comments: The Minutes had been circulated previously

Resolved: Noted

7.3       To consider the possibility of a broadband link to the Village Hall – Cllr Wilson to report on his enquiries with BT

 Comments:  Cllr Wilson advised that the costs appear to vary from day to day.   However, the provision of broadband would be in the region of £200 per annum.

Resolved: Connection to the internet should continue with use of the current mobile WIFI device, with the matter to be reviewed in 6 months time.

  1. Financial Matters

            8.1       To Receive a Report from the RFO

The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in order.  Community Account £18,917.94 and Business Saver Account £17,125.24.

The RFO pointed out that cheques to the value of £383.21 had not yet been presented. Therefore the correct balance in the Community Account is £18,534.73.

The Financial Notes including payments made and income received since the last  Meeting was previously circulated.  

            Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council

            8.2       To Consider and Agree:

8.2.1    Payments made since 11 November 2014 [As listed in Finance Notes]

Resolved: The following payments were noted:

Mike Dyer – P3 (923) £198.35; Bartestree Village Hall – Contrib Bin (924) £100.00; Eve Wilson – Oct Salary and R/A (925) £**.**; Hfds Fire Alarm Services – Repairs (926) £120.58; T Mobile – Top Up (927) £10.00; Philip Morris – Grease for Play Equipment (927) £6.99; Bartestree Village Hall – NDP Consultation (927) £38.70;  Bartestree Village Hall – NDP Oct Mtg (927) £9.75; Bartestree Village Hall – NDP Nov Mtg (927) £9.75; Bartestree Village Hall – NDP Dec Mtg (927) £9.75; David Lovelace – NDP presentation (928) £60.00; DC Gardening Services (929) £570.00; Eve Wilson Expenses (930) £41.18; Daniel Squire Ltd (931) £126.00; Eve Wilson Nov Salary and Room Allowance (932) £**.**; A Bayliss – Play Area Inspection (933) £40.00; HALC – Course fee ‘Risky Business’ (934) £30.00; David Lovelace – NDP – Geo Maps (935) £320.00; Currys/PC World – NDP – Memory Sticks (936) £23.96; Office Specialists – NDP – Pens (937) £6.57; Amazon – NDP – Pens (937) £2.69; Bartestree Village Hall – NDP 2015 Meetings (937) £138.13; T Mobile Top Up (937) £10.00; Herefordshire Council – Planning Fee – VH Sign (938) £55.00; Mike Dyer – Lengthsman (939) £308.00; Hfds Fire Protection Services – Service                              Extinguishers (940) £84.38; Eve Wilson Dec Salary and Room Allowance (941)  £**.**; Photo Paper Direct – NDP (942) £29.02; Vesey Arts – NDP – Acetate (942) £196.80

8.2.2    Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed in Finance Notes]

Resolved: The following payments were agreed:

Carver Jones – Land Registry Fees – NDP (943) £87.00; Lidel – Refreshments NDP (944) £17.23; A Bayliss – Play Area Inspection (945) £45.00; T Mobile Top Up (946) £10.00

8.2.3    Renewal of membership of Campaign to Protect Rural England for further 12 months £36.00

Resolved: Payment approved

8.3       To consider transfer of monies from Community to Business Saver Account

Comments: The Clerk/RFO advised that she had spoken to the Bank who had confirmed that there would be no charge for transferring monies on either account.

Resolved: The sum of £10,000.00 be transferred from the Community Account to the Business Saver Account. At the end of the financial year, the RFO will recommend a minimum balance to be kept in the Community Account.

        8.4       To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group

        Comments: A written Report had been previously circulated

        Resolved: Noted

 8.5       To consider the recommendations made in the Finance Report

Resolved: The following recommendations were agreed (numbered as in the                              Report):

  1. Financial Regulations

 4.2       The Parish Council agreed that if the expenditure within the                                                          budget headings is exceeded, the Chair and RFO may arrange transfer of                                 funds between headings as appropriate.

  1. Annual Accounts – RFO to meet with member of HALC to discuss and address any queries arising out of end of year Accounts
  2. Asset Register – RFO to clarify with HALC how asset values are assessed and recorded
  3. Cllr Wilson will look into the matter of possible grants and make enquiries with the Highways Authority regarding a potential car park and report back to           the Parish Council
  4. Transfer of Land – Suggested conditions agreed and Clerk to instruct TA Matthews to deal on behalf of the Parish Council
  5. Bicycle Rack – The Parish Council approved the purchase of the hoop cycle rack from Pure Safety in the sum of £250.00 plus VAT. Colour   light grey. The location will be agreed at a later date.
  1. To Consider quotations for necessary tree work

Resolved: It was agreed that Daniel Squire be instructed in accordance with his quotation  of £1,500.00 plus VAT to include chipping and removal of waste. Work to be carried out during the winter, to avoid the nesting season.

  1. To Consider quotations for necessary hedge work

Comments: It was requested that the contractor be asked to ensure that he does not   damage the football pitch when carrying out work. If necessary he may move the goal       posts.             Also the top of the hedge at White House should not be cut.

Resolved: Provided Daniel Squire can confirm that he will cut the hedges in the autumn before it gets too wet, it was agreed he be instructed in accordance with his quotation of       £290.00 plus VAT (Village Hall £200; Old Village Hall £60; Hedge Opposite Village Shop     £30).

  1. Transport Working Group

 11.1     To request update from the Ward Councillor regarding

(a) 30mph speed limit along Blackhole Lane

(b) 20 mph speed limit along the A438 between the Village Shop and Willams Mead

Comments: It is probably more likely that the Highways Authority will agree to a ‘part time’ speed limit during school hours.

Resolved: The Clerk will write to the Ward Councillor to clarify and request he take appropriate action

11.2     To request the Ward Councillor to arrange for School or Children Crossing signs on  A438

Resolved: The Clerk to write to the Ward Councillor to request that the wording   ‘Playground’ on the existing sign be changed to ‘Children Crossing’. Also the Clerk to write to Paul Ingram to ask that he arrange for the vegetation around the existing sign is cleared where the hedge cutter missed it.          

  1. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)

            Resolved: No questions received

  1. Parish Plan – Actions

Comments: The Chair advised the Councillors that they are not required to carry out the           work suggested in the Action Plan circulated, but that it would be a bonus if they agreed to      do so. The Chair will circulate a list of volunteers who may be willing to assist the            Councillors with the various actions suggested.

Resolved: The Councillors will report at the next scheduled Meeting as to progress

  1. To receive an update on the current position regarding the signage at the Village Hall entrance

Comments: The Clerk sent a Planning Application to the Herefordshire    Council on 17     December 2014. A response is awaited.

            Resolved: Noted

  1. To consider work and procedure regarding the Lengthsman Scheme

  Comments: If any Councillors are aware of work, which may be carried out by the Lengthsman, they should contact Cllr Wilson, who will instruct him via the Clerk.

Resolved: The Clerk will advise the Parish Council of work completed at each scheduled Meeting.

  1. To consider and discuss action required regarding the moles in the Cemetery

Comments: Cllr Soilleux had contacted Ray Styles, Pest Controller, who said that there was no point in doing anything until the end of February. If work to get rid of the moles is    done then the parish may be lucky and be free of moles until the end of the mowing season. Ray Styles quoted £25 to put down traps, with a maximum sum of £75 for a session of mole control. However, Dr Henderson, the Church Warden, has been dealing with the problem with some success.

Resolved: The Parish Council agreed that monies should be used from Restricted Funds to deal with mole control as and when required.

  1. To consider and discuss the type and cost of a Bicycle Rack for the laying Fields/Village Hall site

          Resolved: Dealt with at Item 8.5 above

  1. To consider and approve the terms for transferring Plot 567 to the Hereford Nature Trust

Comments: Cllr Soilleux and the Clerk attended a meeting with Sue Holland on 9 December 2014 and it was suggested that the terms of transfer included a condition that in    the event that the Hereford Nature Trust sold the land for infrastructural development 50% of the proceeds of the sale would be paid to the Parish Council. That term is to continue for 80 years. Also there will be a covenant that, should the Parish Council wish to build a foot/cycle bridge over the river at a future date, permission will not be unreasonably         withheld. The Clerk had recently obtained guidance from Trudie Nicholas at TA Matthews Solicitors in Hereford regarding procedure and she was extremely helpful. She is happy to deal with this matter on behalf of the Parish Council. The Nature Trust has confirmed that it will pay the Parish Council’s legal fees.

Resolved: Dealt with at Item 8.5 above

  1. To discuss action required regarding the foundation hole between the main football pitch and car park

Comments: The Chair of the Football Club has advised that rectification work is in hand

            Resolved: Deferred to next scheduled Meeting

  1. To Note the Information Sheet

            Resolved: Noted

  1. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion]

               (a)       Condition of pavements in Wilcroft Park, Bartestree

(b)       The New Inn

  1. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting

            Tuesday 10 March 2015 at 7:30pm


Meeting concluded at 9.30 pm






Signature of Chair                                                             Date: 10 March 2015