Minutes 12 July 2016

Councillors: Cllrs Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice-Chair); R Williams; P Wargent; M Wilson; D Forrest and Mrs L Hoppé

In Attendance:

Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO)

Members of the public: None

  1. To Accept Apologies for Absence

Cllrs D Greenow (Ward Councillor); Mrs J Karayiannis; Mrs F Matthews; N Shore and S Garner

  1. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 10 May and 7 June 2016

The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members

Resolved: Cllr Wilson requested that Item 9.1 in the Minutes for 10 May 2016 be either deleted or amended. An amendment was agreed and adoption and signature were deferred to the next Meeting. The Minutes for 7 June 2016 were adopted and signed by  the Chair

  1. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation

None Received

Resolved: Noted

  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan

4.1       To receive a Report from The NDPSG Chair or Secretary

Comments: The Secretary advised that the Examiner’s Report should be received by the end of July 2016. The Examiner may recommend no changes, minor changes or more substantial amendments. Once any changes are made the draft Plan will go to referendum. Herefordshire Council will deal with this although the Parish Council can publicise the fact and encourage residents to vote.

     Resolved: Report noted and Wendy Soilleux thanked.

  1. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:

            5.1       District Councillor

    Resolved: In absence of the District Councillor no Report was given

            5.2       Local Police Officer

     Resolved: In the absence of an Officer no Report was given

  1. Open Discussion – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish

            Resolved: No matters raised

  1. Planning

            7.1       To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee

Comments: Cllr Wilson reported on the Planning meetings held since the last scheduled Meeting and remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.

       Resolved: Noted

    7.2       To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee dated 10       May and 7 June 2016

       Resolved: The Minutes had previously been circulated to all Councillors

     7.3       To Consider the following Planning Application to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

                        161745            Land East of Church House, Bartestree

 Application for approval of reserved matters (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout, Scale) following outline approval P140757/O.                                      For the erection of 50 dwellings

      Resolved: The following comments will be submitted to Herefordshire Council:

The Parish Council respectfully requests the Planning Officer to bear in mind that the Bartestree with Lugwardine Group Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is at Regulation 16 stage and should therefore have some influence on this application.


The Developers have made no effort at any stage to consult with the Parish Council or the public regarding the proposals set out in their application. If they had done so, there are a number of queries arising, which could have been addressed.

Housing Design/Appearance

2.5 of the Design & Access Statement (Site Strategy) refers to “…the traditional                            architectural character of the surrounding area.”

Paragraph 39 of the Appeal Decision states “…the look and feel of individual                                  properties would be significant in terms of impact and that, so far as possible, any                     development should seek to reflect local materials and local styles of building …”

The whole design is continuous with no variety. None of the houses appear to have                    any depth and some different/traditional materials could be introduced

The emerging NDP under Policy BL1 (I) – Housing Design Criteria states that good design will be sought “incorporating locally distinctive features …” The design proposed is bland with no thought given to the rural setting.


The Applicant’s Design & Access Statement (2.4) states “…a sustainable approach                      is taken throughout the development to ensure that the proposed dwellings exceed minimum standards”. There is little evidence to show energy saving or efficiency in the design save for that which would be required by Building Regulations. There is no approach to the use of renewable technology such as thermal or photovoltaic solar panels.

The NDP Policy BL1 (II) seeks to incorporate “… eco friendly initial designs that                              include orientation of buildings, the provision of energy and water conservation                                     measures, cycle and recycling storage, broadband infrastructure and renewable                         energy infrastructure such as photovoltaic panels or other sustainable renewable                                    energy solutions.”


It appears from the plans that the PROW has been moved. Has a diversion order              been applied for or approved?


The Access & Design Statement (2.6) refers to 2 spaces per dwelling. Provision                          has been made for 63 spaces and 30 garages for 51 houses. This is not                                        considered sufficient for a development of this size. It is noted that some of the 4-                        bedroomed houses come with one external parking bay. Whilst some garages are                        provided, modern families tend not to use them for parking cars. Also, most families have at least 2 cars, so there is no provision for visitors’ parking.

Policy BL1 (V) of the emerging NDP states “… garages must be built in direct                                 association with the houses whose inhabitants may be expected to use them …                          Sufficient off street parking must be provided to accommodate space for visitor                             parking for each household”

There does not appear to be any provision for re-cycling storage or cycle parking.                       Condition 14 of the Planning Permission states “Before the development is                              commenced a scheme for the provision of covered and secure cycle parking within                      the curtilage of each dwelling shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the                   local planning authority …”

Street Lighting

Adequate lighting is mentioned but no detail is provided. The Parish Council is not in favour of the installation of street lighting.

Green Space

The Design & Access Statement (2.5 Site Strategy) refers to Public Open Space at                       the south-eastern boundary, utilized for sustainable urban drainage. It also states                “Areas of green spaces are also proposed to encourage links to existing                                       infrastructure and allows permeability for pedestrian links”.

There is no sign of any Green Space other than the SUD pond. This cannot be                              described as Green Space for children to play. Indeed the area could be                                               dangerous.

Policy BL1 (III) of the NDP requires developers to make “…generous and                                         proportionate provision for open green spaces which are linked where possible to               the wide natural environment and accessible to the public for recreational use.

The Parish Council feels most strongly that for a development of this size, there is                         little or no provision for open Green Space and that proposed is totally inadequate.

It is requested that S106 contribution is made towards a proportionate recreational area.


NDP Policy BL1 (IV) refers to “retaining important features such as tree cover,                               ponds, orchards and hedgerows and adding to the natural assets of the parish …”

It is pointed out in the Appeal Decision how important it is for existing trees and                              hedgerows to be protected and this is covered under Condition 15.

It is not at all clear what boundary treatment is proposed. Houses 12-21 and 40-47                       have no details regarding the boundary line.

The existing boundary line where houses 15-21 are situated consists of a mature                         hedge. This is maintained with the use of machinery/tractor and it is unlikely that                                   future residents would have the technical tools to do this. It is proposed that the                           developers make arrangements for the future maintenance of the hedge and that              ownership should not be transferred to future purchasers.

Further, the existing residents of the villages wish the hedge to be retained at its                           current height (a minimum of 3 metres) measured on the development side of the                  hedge.

Employment for Village

The Parish Council and its residents cannot see how this development adds to                              employment opportunities in the village, as the developer is not local.

S106 – Bus Stop

There has been long standing concern expressed by the Parish Council and the                            residents of both Bartestree and Lugwardine as to speeding traffic on the A438 into the villages, both east and westbound. Given the size of this development, it is                             requested that the speed limit be reduced from 40 to 30mph from the beginning of the current 40mph sign into the village and that a S106 contribution is made to fund speed-calming signs/equipment to encourage motorists to reduce their speed.

It is also requested that S106 contribution is made to provide a pedestrian                                   crossing at or near the bus stop near to the Frome Park/Court/Hospice turning and a more adequate pull-in on the opposite side of the A438 for buses travelling in an easterly direction towards Ledbury.

            7.4       To Consider an amendment to the Terms of Reference for the Planning Committee

Resolved: The Terms of Reference will remain as they are

8.    Financial Matters

            8.1       To Receive a Report from the RFO

The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in    order. As at 29 June 2016 the balance in the Community Account was £13,466.69. The Business Saver Account balance was £23,932.56.

The Finance Notes including payments made and income received since the last meeting   was previously circulated     

            Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council

            8.2       To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group

            Comments: A written Report had been previously circulated

Resolved: Noted

            8.3       To Consider Recommendations made by the Finance Working Group

Resolved: There were no recommendations

            8.4       To Consider and Agree:

            8.4.1    Payments made since 10 May 2016 [As listed on Finance Notes]

HALC – Training (20/4, 29/4, 27/4) and Annual Audit (058) £408.00; Mr R Francis – Play Area Inspection (059) £45.00; Mr M Dyer – Lengthsman (060) £84.00; Zurich Insurance – PC Insurance (061) £491.08; Eve Wilson – May Salary and R/A (062) £**.**; 123 Connect – Website Domain Name (063) £112.80; Daniel Squire –                    Mowing (064) £672.00; Mr M Dyer – Lengthsman (065) £192.00; Eyelid Productions  – Website set up (066) £500.00; Bartestree Village Hall – contrib defib (067) £246.00; Eve Wilson – June Salary and R/A (068) £**.**; Eve Wilson – Lengthsman Admin (068) £175.20; HMRC – Employer NIC (069) £54.96; St Michael’s Hospice – Donation (070) £200.00; Lugwardine Chapel – Donation (071) £50.00

Resolved: Noted

             8.4.2    Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed on Finance Notes]

Daniel Squire Ltd – mowing (072) £912.00

Resolved: Noted and agreed

8.4.3    Cost of a Playdale Inspection as per their quotation dated 30 June 2016                          

Resolved: It was agreed to dispense with a 5-year inspection as the annual inspection is comprehensive and sufficient

  1. To Approve amended Finance Regulations

            Resolved: Approved

  1. To Approve amended Standing Orders

            Resolved: Approved

  1. Play Area

11.1     To Consider the quotation for the installation of new signs for the Play Area and Village Hall area

Comments: The quotation was for the following signs:- 3 x “No Dogs on Grass Except on       Public Footpaths”; 10 x “No Dogs of Grass”; and 2 x “No Dogs”

Resolved: The quotation from Signs & Labels dated 20 June 2016 in the total sum of £294.55 was agreed.

11.2     To Consider repairs to the Play Area Equipment as highlighted in the annual Playground Inspection

Comments: The Play Area Report had been circulated prior to the Meeting.

Resolved: It was agreed that a sum of up to £800.00 could be incurred for repairs

  1. To Receive an update on the new website

Comments: Cllr Garner reported that the new website is now setup and the web working party have received training (June 16).  The old website is still operating in parallel with the new web site until all website working party members are content/trained to self-manage the website. The web group plans further in house training.

A simple and progressive approach is planned with only essential information being posted on the web first. It is planned that in the near future the website will support many user-friendly functions.

The Web Working Party consists of the Chairman (Wendy) – Chair of PC; The Webmaster (Scot) Person who works directly on managing the website (mechanics) and Parish Clerk (Eve) – All contacts/comments/agendas/minutes/council business (information).

       Resolved: Noted and Cllr Garner thanked


  1. To Receive a Report from the Footpaths and Tree Officer

            Comments: REPORT OF THE TREE WARDEN

            4 July 2016

At the time of writing I still have not received notification that the Oak tree on the corner of  Hagley Park has been listed with a TPO.

I have not attended any further tree courses, as I have been away and also busy with the B&B.

If anyone has anything to add or suggest, please do not hesitate to let me know.


I’m afraid I am still unable to report any progress on the PROW request on the Gladman site.

I believe our request for a new stile at the junction of LU15 and Tidnor Lane has been done although I haven’t yet been able to walk that path to see it.

The stile on Jonathan Snowdon’s land next to Summerhouse has not been replaced as yet.

I have asked for the stile on LU17 to be replaced with a metal kissing gate as the current one is way too high for dogs to jump and also for the elderly to negotiate or even the not so elderly like me!

The stile that has collapsed at the junction of LU16 and Lumber Lane has been requested for replacement by a metal gate.

I have requested that the Lengthsman clear the undergrowth along the length of PROW    LU26. If you have any PROWs that are overgrown to the extent that they have become impassable, please let me know and we can arrange for the Lengthsman to clear them.

If anyone knows or thinks they can remember old pathways that have not been used for years, now is the time for us to get them recorded in the Definitive Map of 2026. Please think carefully if you have any paths you would like to have recorded. There will be opportunities after 2026 but it will be much harder to get them included. Do you live next door to an older person who can remember walking through woods, or fields that have been ploughed over?? Let me know of anything that may be of interest.

If anyone has anything to add or suggest, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Resolved: Cllr Hoppé’s comments were noted and she was thanked for her  comprehensive Report.

  1. To Receive any updates from the Village Hall Representatives

Comments: Cllr Wargent advised that the defibrillator had now been installed and was up and running. The Village Hall Committee were concerned at youths speeding on the road    into and out of the Village Hall. They are considering the possibility of installing speed humps to slow traffic down. Copies of the Committee’s Minutes will be sent to the Clerk to enable Councillors to keep up to date with future activities and developments.

            Resolved: The comments were noted and Cllr Wargent thanked.

  1. To Receive any updates from the Playing Fields Association Representatives

Comments: Cllr Williams advised that the PFA have details of a consultant who may be able to assist in any future plans for the proposed gifted land and that it is likely that grants will be available. He will ask the Secretary of the PFA to let the Clerk have copies of  Minutes to enable Councillors to be kept up to date

  1. To Consider the appointment of 2 Representatives of the Parish Council to attend Meetings and deal with points arising in connection with the Hereford Area Plan

Comments: Cllr Wilson advised that Kevin Singleton of the Herefordshire Council had    informed him that if a Parish has a Neighbourhood Development Plan it will not be affected by the Hereford Area Plan.

Resolved: Cllr Soilleux agreed to attend the next Meeting of the Breinton Group and report back to the Parish Council

  1. Lengthsman Scheme

17.1     To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme

            Comments: Details of work done was circulated prior to the Meeting

Resolved: Noted

  1. To Consider Registration of Hagley Park land as Designated Historic Parkland

Comments: It is understood that Registration has to be done by English Heritage and this will involve some cost.

Resolved: Cllr Forrest agreed to make enquiries and report back to the Parish Council

  1. Traffic

19.1     To Consider and discuss possible action regarding speeding traffic on Longworth Lane and Whitestone Lane

Comments: Possibilities discussed included a flashing light reminding drivers that the    speed limit is 30mph; traffic calming measures along both Lanes and moving the bollards on the A438 to prevent traffic from undertaking vehicles turning off the A438 on to Whitestone Lane.

Resolved: The Clerk will contact the West Midlands Safer Roads Partnership via on online form, requesting that they carry out a speed enforcement check in the area.

 19.2     30mph repeater signs on the A438 into Bartestree

Comments: Cllr Wilson advised that the Herefordshire Council Highways Authority did not permit repeater signs as they are not required by the Highway Code.

Resolved: Cllr Soilleux will make further enquiries into this and whether there would be any cost to the Parish Council and report back.

19.3     To consider a request for the speed limit to be changed from 40mph to  30mph on the A438 from just below the turning to the Hospice when travelling in a westerly direction

              Resolved: This has been dealt with at Item 7.3 above.

  1. To Consider the replacement of the Bartestree Squash tree on the old village hall site

 Resolved: Agreed at a cost of £30.00. It was also agreed that the monies should be taken from the Parish Plan Reserved fund

  1. To Receive an update on the future use of the proposed gifted land

            Comments:  Nothing to report

            Resolved: Deferred

  1. Parish Plan – Actions

         Resolved: Deferred to next Meeting

  1. To Consider the “Be a Good Neighbour” Scheme

  Resolved: Cllr Soilleux will consult with the PCC as this should be a joint     venture.  Deferred

  1. To Note the Information Sheet

            Resolved: Noted

  1. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)

            Resolved: No questions raised

  1. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion]

            Resolved: No items raised

The meeting went into private session due to the confidential nature of the subject

  1. Clerk – To consider Clerks Terms of Employment (private session)

Comments: Cllr Soilleux advised that an annual Appraisal had taken place. It was proposed that the Clerk’s hours be increased to 13 hours per week from 1 July 2016 and that the hourly rate be increased in line with SPC Point 21 as from 1 April 2016 (to be backdated)

        Resolved: Hourly increase and pay rate agreed

28.   To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting

            Tuesday 13 September 2016


Meeting concluded at 10.00 pm




Signature of Chair                                                                    Date: 13 September 2016