Minutes 10 November 2015

TUESDAY 10 November 2015 AT 7.30 PM

Councillors: Cllrs Mrs W Soilleux (Chair); G Davies (Vice-Chair); R Williams; Mrs F Matthews; P Wargent; M Wilson; N Shore; D Forrest; Mrs J Karayiannis; Mrs L Hoppé; and S Garner

In Attendance:
Mrs E Wilson (Parish Clerk/RFO); Lucinda Rowberry (Chair of NDPSG)

Members of the public: None

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence
Apologies received from Ward Cllr Dave Greenow

2. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensation
Item 17 – Cllr N Shore Non-Pecuniary Interest
Item 17 – Cllr R Williams Non-Pecuniary Interest
Resolved: Noted

3. To Adopt the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 8 September, 6 October and 27 October 2015
The Clerk confirmed that the Minutes had previously been circulated to Council Members
Resolved: The Minutes were adopted and signed by the Chair

It was proposed by Cllr Wilson and agreed by all that Item 11 should be dealt with after Item 8 and before Item 9

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan
4.1 To receive a Report from The NDPSG Chair
Comments: Lucinda Rowberry suggested that Wendy Soilleux (Secretary of NDPSG) would be better placed to give an update on matters as she had been in communication with Herefordshire Council on a regular basis. Many small amendments suggested by Herefordshire Council had been incorporated into the Draft Plan and a further Draft had been circulated to the Councillors prior to the Meeting. The items in the Appendix had been finalised but some links still needed to be checked.
Resolved: Report noted and Wendy Soilleux and Lucinda Rowberry thanked.
4.2 To consider amendments to the Draft Plan made by Herefordshire Council
Comments: Cllr Wilson requested that his following comments be recorded in the Minutes – “Lottie’s Plot and the area to the south of St Michael’s Hospice access road have been included inside the settlement boundary on Map B which is contrary to the CS and to Section 1.4, para 2, Section 3.8, final para and Policy BL8 of our plan. There is not a presumption in favour of residential development in either of these areas, only in exceptional circumstances.”
Cllrs Soilleux and Davies requested that it be noted that they did ot agree with Cllr Wilson’s comments.
Resolved: Amendments agreed
4.3 To agree to print the Draft Plan and begin the Regulation 14 Consultation
Comments: Cllrs Shore and Davies wished extend their grateful thanks to Wendy Soilleux, Lucinda Rowberry and Christina Stokes for the exceptional hard work they had put into the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
Resolved: Agreed with 1 abstention (Cllr Wilson)

4.4 To consider and agree who should attend the NDP training on 18 November 2015
Resolved: Cllrs Soilleux and Wilson will attend. The 2 spare places will be offered to members of the NDPSG

5. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:
5.1 District Councillor
Comments: Cllr Shore suggested that the Ward Councillor be asked to let the Parish Council have a brief written Report of any recent developments if he is unable to attend the Meeting.
Resolved: In the absence of the Ward Councillor no Report was given. The Clerk will write to the Ward Councillor with the above request.
5.2 Local Police Officer
Resolved: In the absence of an Officer no Report was given

6. Open Discussion – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish
Resolved: No matters raised

7. Planning
7.1 To Receive a verbal Report from the Planning Committee
Comments: Cllr Wilson reported on the Planning meetings held since the last scheduled Meeting and remarked on the various applications and decisions relating to planning matters, details of which are contained in the Minutes of the Planning Meetings.
Resolved: Noted
7.2 To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee dated 8 September, 6 October and 27 October 2015
Resolved: The Minutes had previously been circulated to all Councillors

8. Financial Matters
8.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
The RFO gave a report and commented that bank balances to date were in order. As at 30 October 2015 the balance in the Community Account was £18,803.85. The Business Saver Account balance was £23,926.60.
The Finance Notes including payments made and income received since the last meeting was previously circulated
Resolved: The Financial Report was noted and accepted by the Council
8.2 To Receive a Report from the Finance Working Group
Comments: A written Report had been previously circulated
Resolved: Noted
8.3 To Consider Recommendations made by the Finance Working Group
Comments: The following recommendations were agreed (numbered as in the Report):
8. It was agreed not to award a grant to Age UK as the Parish Council has previously agreed that any grants should be for local causes.
9. It was agreed not to make a contribution to the Bus Subsidy Scheme requested by Herefordshire Council

8.3.1 To consider a new website
Comments: Cllr Scot Garner advised that he had attended a course at HALC where details of facilities were available that focused on Parish Councils using WordPress. He was very impressed with the course and felt that it would be a great advantage to the Parish Council if the current website was replaced with this. Cllr Garner felt that it was more up to date, user friendly, could save time and encourage the younger members of the parish to engage in Parish Council business. Minutes and Agendas would be automatically archived and would include a search facility to locate past items should the need arise. A domain name is available using .gov.uk that would enhance the status of the Parish Council in that it would be recognized as a government body
The costs arising would be as follows:-
(a) A one off set up fee of £500
(b) Hosting fee £120 per annum
(c) One off fee for domain name (if used) £130
(d) Annual fee for support thereafter £65 per annum
Cllr Garner felt it would be advisable for him to attend a 2-hour training session (included in the set up fee) and he would then cascade the information to The Clerk and another. 5 email addresses are included in the package referred to above. Also the initial 10 months support is free of charge.
Resolved: The Parish Council agreed to adopt the new website at a one off cost of £630 with an annual fee of £185 thereafter (as set out above). Cllr Garner was delegated to progress and manage the website.
8.3.2 To consider the purchase of a new fence around the Play Area
Comments: 3 Quotations had been obtained:
92m of Galvanised + powder coated steel bow-top fencing – 1m high – RoSPA spec.
2 x 1m wide gates – galvanised + powder coated
1 x 3m wide gate – galvanised + powder coated
1 x 2.8m wide barrier – galvanised + powder coated

PlayQuest Adventure Play Ltd £9000 + VAT
H S Jackson & Son Fencing £9124.40 + VAT
Steelway Fensecure £8000 + VAT
A Representative of Steelway Fensecure had attended the site before quoting. The others were not keen to attend the site and quoted from the specification details only.
Cllr Wargent asked if quotations could be obtained locally. Cllr Soilleux agreed to make enquiries.
Resolved: It was agreed in principle to replace the fence using £2,000 from this year’s Budget and £6,000 from next year’s Budget. Cllr Soilleux was delegated to make enquiries of a possible local firm and to deal with the details of the fencing. Further information is to be obtained from a local firm before choosing which company to use.
8.3.3 To consider and adopt the Grants and Donations Policy
Resolved: The Grants and Donations Policy was adopted as drafted.

8.4 To Consider and Agree:
8.4.1 Payments made since 8 September 2015 [As listed on Finance Notes]
Resolved: Noted
8.4.2 Payment of outstanding Invoices [As listed on Finance Notes] Michael Dyer – P3 (015) £30.00; Michael Dyer – P3 (015) £194.00; Eve Wilson – Oct Salary and Room Allowance (016) £**.**; DC Gardening Services (017) £510.00; HALC Training 10 Oct (018) £45.00; Hfds Fire Alarm Services (019) £117.60; Leaworks – NDP – Banners (020) £151.20; Wickes – NDP – Cable Ties (020) £1.16; Currys PC World – NDP – Laminator Pouches & Ink (020) £69.96; Currys PC World – NDP – Printer Ink (020) £12.59; B&Q – NDP – Wooden Stakes for Banners (020) £19.68; Ryman – NDP – Pens (020) £3.98; Tesco – NDP – Pens and Pencils (020) £6.50; Tesco – NDP – Milk x 2 Consultations (020) £3.00; M&S – NDP – Sandwiches x 2 Consultations (021) £24.60; Mike Hopkins – NDP – Temporary Clerk (022) £75.00; Mr R Francis – Play Area Inspections (023) £25.00; Daniel Squire (024) £114.00; Eve Wilson – Expenses (025) £161.77; Bartestree Village Hall – Share re empty Biffa Bin (026) £100.00
Resolved: Noted and agreed

NB: ITEM 11 WAS CONSIDERED NEXT (see below for details)

9. To consider the 2016/17 Budget
Resolved: The Budget was agreed subject to various amendments. An amended copy will be circulated to all Councillors and a copy is attached to these Minutes marked “Appendix A”

10. To agree the 2016/17 Precept
Resolved: The Precept was agreed at £30,000.

11. To Consider and agree Quotations for Mowing and Tree and Hedge Maintenance for 2016
Comments: Cllr Shore advised that he was very pleased with the quality of the work carried out by both Contractors and the other Councillors agreed. However, after consideration of the tenders submitted he felt that the Parish Council had a financial duty to the residents. There would be approximately £700 saving if Daniel Squire were offered all mowing contracts.
Resolved: Daniel Squire will be instructed to carry out all Grass Cutting and Maintenance Contracts in 2016 in the total sum of £3,795 with an allowance for extra cuts if required during the year.
Daniel Squire will also be instructed to carry out Hedge Cutting as follows:
Old Village Hall x 2 cuts £120; Hedge Opposite Shop x 1 cut £30; Village Hall x 1 cut £200.

12. To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme
Comments: Details of work done was circulated prior to the Meeting
Resolved: Noted

13. To appoint a Councillor and Deputy to deal with media
Resolved: Cllr Wendy Soilleux was appointed to deal with media matters and Cllr Scot Garner will act as Deputy

14. Lost Ways and Anomalies
Comments: Cllr Lin Hoppé (Footpaths Officer) was continuing investigations regarding the possibility of the well-used path from Hagley Park across Hagley Parkland becoming an official Public Right of Way.
Resolved: The matter was deferred and Cllr Hoppé will report back at a future meeting once investigations are complete.

15. Parish Plan – Actions
Comments: No further matters to report
Resolved: Further comments on progress will be brought to the next Scheduled Meeting

16. To Consider the Proposed Community Governance Review
Comments: There are some issues that the Parish Council would like to consider. The Herefordshire Council has been advised of its interest.
Resolved: The matter be deferred until the Parish Council receives and is able to consider formal documentation.

17. To Receive an update on the future use of the proposed gifted land
Comments: There was nothing further to report and various people are still engaged in fact finding.
Resolved: Deferred to a future meeting once relevant information obtained

18. To Consider and discuss the location of the Defibrillator
Resolved: Deferred until the next scheduled meeting. In the meantime Cllr Wargent agreed to call a meeting for interested members of the Parish Council, Village Hall Committee and Playing Fields Association to consider the location of a defibrillator at the Village Hall site. A representative of Community Heartbeat would also be invited to give advice on the matter.

19. To consider and discuss the Litter Bin outside the School in Barnaby Avenue
Comments: The Clerk had been contacted by Balfour Beatty who advised that their contractors had refused to empty the bin as much of the waste was unbagged dog waste. Balfour Beatty would arrange for the bin to be emptied at a cost of £52.61. However, the Parish Council should consider the ‘future’ of the offending bin as there had been several complains regarding it not being emptied during the year.
Resolved: Balfour Beatty would be instructed to empty the bin. Cllr Soilleux was delegated to deal with Balfour Beatty regarding the possible removal/replacement of the existing bin and will report back to the Parish Council.

20. To consider the state of the Play Area in Frome Park
Comments: Complaints have been received regarding the mat around the slide and the fence. Herefordshire Council is responsible for the fence and BB the play equipment. Due to a very restricted budget Herefordshire Council is only concentrating on repairing dangerous equipment. Cllr Soilleux is in communication with a person at Herefordshire Council regarding the repair of the fence and is waiting to hear further from him.
Resolved: Cllr Soilleux will report to the Parish Council when she has received a response from Herefordshire Council

21. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)
Resolved: No questions raised

22. To Note the Information Sheet
Resolved: Noted

23. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion] All items reserved from these Minutes

24. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 12 January 2016

Meeting concluded at 10.00 pm

Signature of Chair           Date: 12 January 2016