Draft Minutes



Present:  Cllrs:  Mr. G Davies (Vice-Chair); Mr. R. Williams; Mr. P. Wargent; Mr. M. Wilson;

Mr. D. Forrest; Mrs. L. Hoppe; Mrs. F. Matthews; Mr. N. Shore.

In attendance: Mrs. E. Thomas – Clerk and Mr. D. Greenow – Ward Cllr.

Public:  None

  1. To receive apologies for absence

Apologies were RECEIVED and accepted from:  Cllrs: Mrs. W. Soilleux; Mr. S. Garner and Mrs. J. Karayannis.

  1. To receive declarations of interest and applications for dispensations

                Declarations were RECEIVED for the following and the book was duly signed by all:

Item 9 and 13 – Cllr. Mr. N. Shore – NDPI – Secretary of the Playing Field Association and Cricket Club.

Item 9 and 13 – Cllr. Mr. R. Williams – NDPI – Member of the Playing Field Association and Cricket Club.

Item 9 and 13 – Cllr. Mrs. F. Matthews – NDPI – Member of the Playing Field Association and Football Club

  1. To adopt the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

                Minor amendments were made to the minutes and they were ADOPTED and SIGNED.

  1. To receive brief verbal reports from:

4.1          Ward Councillor

– There had been a lot of bad feeling regarding the new parking restrictions in Hereford.  This was now under review by Barry Durkin.

– DG was in the process of re-arranging the parish highway walk-around that had to be cancelled in December due to snow.  He would report his findings back to the Council.

4.2          Local Police Officer

None present.

  1. Open Time
    • To note matters raised by local residents relevant to the Parish

None Present

  1. Planning

                6.1          To receive a verbal report from the Planning Committee

All had been quiet over the Christmas period so there was not anything to report.

6.2          To note the minutes of the Planning Committee dated 12th December 2017


6.3          To receive an update on planning permission query for Summer House.

No response had been received from either the clerk or Cllr. Mrs. L. Hoppe.  It was RESOLVED that the clerk would chase a response and report back at the March meeting.

  1. To consider and review the possible installation of Wi-Fi at the village hall

It was RESOLVED that a figure would be set aside in the coming years budget to cover the installation and running costs of WIFI should it be decided to install it in the village hall at a subsequent meeting.

  1. Financial Matters

8.1          To receive a report and financial statement from the RFO – incl spend against budget. Appendix 1

The clerk discussed the likely underspend this year.  She also REPORTED that whilst unallocated reserves were within the amount recommended for a parish council they would not want to rise much further.  The report was ACCEPTED by all.

8.2          To note bi-monthly audit check by Cllr J Karayiannis

The clerk – in Cllr. Mrs. J. Karayannis absence – REPORTED that the bi-monthly meeting had taken place, all was in order and the finance report had been signed.            

                8.3          To approve invoices for payment

8.3.1 Clerks Salary

8.3.2 Clerks expenses £66.45

8.3.3 HMRC PAYE £143.80

8.3.4 Daniel Squire – Installation of Safety Gate LU5 £240 (not LU23 as on the agenda)

8.3.5 HALC – Completion of internal audit £180

8.3.6 HALC – Cllr training – WS – In the Hot Seat

MW – In the Open

MW – Dancing with Data £108

8.3.7 Herefordshire Fire Alarm Services – Annual service of fire alarm & emergency lights £96

8.3.8 Herefordshire Fire Protection Services – Fire extinguisher check and replace – £204.82

8.3.9 Autela – Payroll services – £38.40

8.3.10 Mike Dyer – Lengthsman tasks as requested £432

8.3.11 Bartestree Village Hall – Biffa Bin Contribution – £100

8.3.12 PIP Printing – Play area consultation flyers – £50

8.3.13 Repayment to clerk for part of CiLCA training £150

It was RESOLVED to pay all the above invoices.  The cheques and invoices were SIGNED.

8.4          8.4.1 To consider the draft budget and precept 2018-19 report from the Finance Working Group.

The Finance Working Group gave a short REPORT as to how the following budget figure was arrived at.

8.4.2 To agree the draft budget and precept 2018-19. Appendix 2

The clerk EXPLAINED each line of the proposed budget and questions were answered.  It was RESOLVED to accept the budget with the addition of money for WIFI being allocated (item 7 above). Appendix 2.

It was RESOLVED that the clerk submit the precept request from to Hereford Council for the sum of £34,000.

  1. Gifted Field:

9.1          To receive an update from the GFCTF (Gifted Field Community Task Force).

A short update was RECEIVED.

               9.2          To consider the appointment of a solicitor to deal with the conveyance of the gifted field to the Parish Council.

                It was RESOLVED to appoint Trudie Nicholas of TA Matthews to deal with the conveyance of the gifted field when the time arose.

                9.3          To agree to proceed with the conveyance when appropriate.

                                It was RESOLVED to proceed with the conveyance when appropriate.

  1. Footpaths and Trees

                10.1        To Receive a Report from the Footpaths and Trees Officer

                                A report was RECEIVED – Appendix 3

It was RESOLVED that the clerk chase the TPO on the oak tree on the corner of Hagley Park.

It was RESOLVED that the clerk order a new way marker for installation by the lengthsman to be sited near the gate by Prospect Cottage, Lumber Lane.

It was RESOLVED that Cllr. Mrs. L. Hoppe place a small way marker on the new gate at LU23 when installed.

10.2        To consider replacing the gate on LU23

It was RESOLVED that, although the need for a replacement gate had been logged with Balfour Beatty, it would happen quicker if the council paid for a gate.  It                                       was RESOLVED that the clerk go ahead and request a gate be delivered to the lengthsman for installation as soon as possible.  This would ensure that all P3 grant                                   money was utilised by the end of the financial year.

                10.3        To receive an update on the sign for the gate for PRoW LU5

                                The school had yet to respond with details on the sign for the gate.

  1. Highways

                11.1        To consider any highways issues for reporting


11.2        To consider the bus layby opposite Malvern View

It was RESOLVED that the clerk would query why the formation of a bus layby below the entrance to Malvern View had disappeared from the plans.  The Council believe that                                      this alongside the very narrow turning lane into Malvern View will cause difficulties for traffic using this section of the road

               11.3        To consider the issues faced by the Primary School After-School Club walking along the road to Gateway Nursery.

It was RESOLVED that the clerk would raise the issue with Clive Hall from Hereford Council.  It was RESOLVED that the clerk would enquire as to the response to                                 the issue of the Welsh Water van parking over the footpath every evening.

                11.4        To consider issues caused by parking outside of school in the parishes at drop-off and pick-up times.

                            It was RESOLVED that the clerk request the CSO visit Burden Lane, Wilcroft Park and the areas around the school at drop-off and pick-up times to see the issues                                   caused by parked vehicles.  It is believed that many cars are causing a possible obstruction to emergency vehicles along these routes.

                11.5        To consider issues caused by car parking on pavements at Wilcroft Park

                                As with item 11.4.

  1. Village Hall

                12.1        To receive any updates from the Village Hall Representatives

No update to give.

  1. Playing Fields Association

                13.1        To receive any updates from the Playing Fields Association Representative

                                No update to give.

  1. Lengthsman

                14.1        To Consider work done/required under the Lengthsman Scheme

                                None required at present apart from those listed under item 10.

It was RESOLVED that the clerk submit the 2018-19 lengthsman expression of interest form to Hereford Council.

  1. Play Areas

                15.1        To consider results of the consultation regarding the proposed play area improvements with the residents of Frome Park and pupils at                                           Lugwardine Primary Academy and their parents.

                             The clerk had received a few responses to the above consultation.  She would collate them so they were ready for discussion when a decision needed to be made.   

  1. To consider adopting an Equality Policy

                It was RESOLVED to adopt the HALC recommended Equality Policy – Appendix 4.  This was signed and dated.

  1. To Note the Information Sheet

                No information sheet necessary for this meeting.

  1. To Receive Questions from Councillors (tabled 7 days prior to Meeting)

                18.1 When does the Chairman intend to produce a safeguarding policy?

It was RESOLVED that the need for a safeguarding policy be NOTED and ADOPTED when a recommended policy was forthcoming from HALC.

  1. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [no discussion]

                None raised

  1. To Note the Date and Time of the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting – 13th March 2018



Appendix 1 – Finance Report January 2018

Appendix 2 – Approved Budget and Precept 2018-19

Appendix 3 – Tree and Footpaths Report – Jan 2018

Appendix 4 – Equality Policy – January 2018