Agenda 14 January 2014



1. To Accept Apologies for Absence

2. To Adopt the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12 November 2013 and the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 10 December 2013

3. To Receive Declarations of Interest and Applications for Dispensations

4. To Consider the following Amended Planning Application:
132536F Land on Ledbury Road (West of Williams Mead), Bartestree, Hereford
Residential development of 50 new dwellings of which 18 will be affordable homes

5. To Receive Brief Verbal Reports from:
5.1 District Cllr D Greenow
5.2 Local Police Officer PC N James

6. Open Time – To Note Matters Raised by Local Residents Relevant to the Parish

7. Financial Matters
7.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
7.2 To Consider and Agree:
7.2.1 Payments made since last meeting [As listed on Finance Report] 7.2.2 Payment of outstanding invoices [As listed on Finance Report] 7.2.3 To agree the cost of repair of the Play Area fence
7.2.4 To receive a review of the Financial Regulations
7.2.5 Payment of the course fees, attendance and portfolio preparation time of the Parish Clerk in connection with obtaining the CiLCA qualification – see Information Sheet

8. To Adopt the Recommendations made at the HALC Conference and AGM:
8.1 That the Clerk checks and confirms the Insurance Cover for the Following:
8.1.1 Trees for which the Parish Council is responsible – that the Appointed Contractor Holds the necessary qualification to carry out Risk Assessments as required by the Insurance Company.

8.1.2 That all our Contractors hold the necessary Public Liability Insurance.
8.1.3 To Confirm the Parish Council’s insurance responsibilities as Trustee of the Village Hall and for insurance cover of the Financial Management of the Village Hall.
8.1.4 That our Insurance Company is content that our Risk Assessments meet their requirements.

8.2 That the Finance Work Group Investigate and Report back to the Parish Council re:

8.2.1 The requirements for the introduction and operation of Electronic Payment of Bills on which the Government are about to pass legislation following its acceptance by the Minister.
8.2.2 The validity of the Parish Council’s Financial Standing Orders, in particular the insurance position for the Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer’s handling of the Parish Councils Monies/Accounts and that the insurance company is content with our Independent Procedures of Audit and Control.

8.3 The Responsible Finance Officer Considers that:
8.3.1 In the present financial climate, the suitability of our Banking Services provider, compared with other providers and reports back to Parish Council via the Finance Work Group.
8.3.2 The Public Sector Deposit Fund as a suitable recipient for the Parish Council Reserves and reports back to Parish Council via the Finance Work Group.

9. To Consider and Agree the Budget for 2014/15

10. To Consider and Agree the Precept for 2014/15

11. Planning Matters
11.1 To Receive a verbal report from the Planning Committee
11.2 To Note the Minutes of the Planning Committee meetings dated 10 December 2013 and 7 January 2014

12. Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group [NDPSG] 12.1 To Receive a verbal report from the NDPSG

13. Parish Plan Steering Group [PPSG] 13.1 To Approve the circulated updated draft Action Plans

14. To Consider holding monthly meetings

15. To Receive Questions from Councillors [Tabled 7 days prior to meeting]

16. To Note the Information Sheets [circulated]

17. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [No Discussion]

18. To Note the Date and Time of next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting

Mrs E Wilson
Parish Clerk                                                           Date: 9 January 2014