Members of Bartestree with Lugwardine Group Parish Council

Chairman – Wendy Soilleux 07970 032512
Vice Chairman – Geoff Davies 01432 851232

Mike Wilson 01432 850254
Lin Hoppe 01432 851536
Jennifer Karayiannis 01432 851182
Nigel Shore 01432 851219
Paul Wargent 07793 565290
Ron Williams 01432 850080
Dr Fiona Matthews 01432 850191
Scot Garner 01432 850259
Daniel Forrest 01432 851543

Clerk – Emma Thomas 07833 733297

Sub Committees and Working Groups

Planning Committee

Chairman – Geoff Davies
Vice Chairman – Lin Hoppe
Mike Wilson
Jennifer Karayiannis
Paul Wargent

Parish Plan Working Group

Geoff Davis – Vice Chair PC
Dave Greenow – Ward Councillor
Wendy Soilleux – Chair PC

Footpath Officer
Lin Hoppe

Tree Warden
Lin Hoppe

Resilience Co-ordinator
Mike Wilson

Elected Representatives

Village Hall Committee
Cllr Paul Wargent
Dr Fiona Matthews
Playing Fields Association
Cllr Nigel Shore
Cllr Ron Williams
Lugwardine Charities
Cllr Wendy Soilleux
Diana Caroline Hopton Charity
Cllr Wendy Soilleux
Longworth Chapel Trust
Cllr Wendy Soilleux
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils – Southern Area
Cllr Jennifer Karayiannis
Cllr Mike Wilson