Ideas for gifted field in sporting and recreational use needed

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It is likely that the village is soon to be gifted a field for sporting and recreational use by the community.
We are seeking suggestions for its use.

There will be a forum/presentation of ideas at Bartestree Village Hall on Sunday 9th July between 11.00-16.00.

Please come along and have your say. Simply tell us your ideas or bring lists, plans or drawings for others to see and for you to see what others have brought in.

Or, send your ideas via the comment/discussion box.


5 thoughts on “Ideas for gifted field in sporting and recreational use needed”

  1. I would like to see this field made available for use by the whole of the local community and not used as an extension to the current sports fields and used almost exclusively by either the football or cricket clubs . Whilst both the clubs enjoy great success I believe that the majority of the members of the teams do not reside in the villages of Bartestree & Lugwardine. I observe from my bedroom windows the stream of cars bringing in those members and much extra traffic is generated . It is also perceived that the current playing fields are off limits to use by local residents of all ages . There is no open village space for use by all .
    I believe that the extra field should be available for use by the whole community and not just the sports clubs. I would like to see open space where youngsters could play and there be space for informal games of football , cricket or anything else . A running track would provide exercise space and avoid folk having to run along side the increasingly busy main road .there should be plantings of new trees and benches to sit upon .
    As car parking space is already at a premium at the village hall it could be possible to extend the parking facilities .
    Additional play areas could also be provided ,possibly for a slightly older age group than catered for at present .
    It should be a space for the community as a whole -not just the sports clubs .

  2. We very much agree with Lucinda Rowberry.
    To hand this field over to the PFA for yet more football pitches and cricket pitches would not be in the best interest of the village. It may be an easy solution in terms of maintenance but really ……. do we want the extra traffic, noise etc. from additional pitches and what benefit does this bring to the wider community??
    It would be really good to have this as an area for real community use – not barred off from people walking their dogs, gated off after dusk etc etc,
    A running track, combined with somewhere that the younger children could ride their bikes, with more like a park atmosphere might be a good solution. It could also include an outdoor gym area that would further encourage people to use the space. Maybe the Parish Council could take a look at the Tupsley quarry where it is a true community space with a mix of football facilities, all weather paths, dog exercise areas and play areas with none of the stuffy restrictions that are on the current “Village Hall” facility.
    It would be a really lame solution to just hand this opportunity over to the Playing Fields Association to turn into more football pitches.
    I know that cost is always a consideration but perhaps as part of the deal for the Playing Fields Association using their existing Village Hall Facilities, they should also pick up the costs of maintaining this new facility as a service to the local community to compensate for all the extra traffic, noise etc we have to endure through their sporting events.
    Another suggestion – with all the new housing developments in the area, perhaps the developers could also fund some of the costs to developing the field into a community space.

  3. I agree with both of the above comments, trying to encourage a community feel would be great. Outside gym, bowling green, more exciting play area, maybe a tennis court.

  4. I agree that the field should be used for community use and not to extend the facilities of the existing sports teams. However a running track would certainly encourage all ages of runners and would be athletes. It is amazing how many runners pace the road in all weathers and with the state of the pavements and roads; together with the amount of traffic, it would be far safer.


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