Highway Matters


The A class roads and major work on the side roads in Herefordshire are looked after, on behalf of Herefordshire Council by Balfour Beatty. Any defects, litter, fly tipping or graffiti can be reported direct to them by e-mail streets@herefordshire.gov.uk or telephone: 01432 261800 or to the Parish clerk. Minor work, such as litter, ditching and verge trimming are looked after by our own Lengthsman. Any work for him should be notified to the Parish Clerk.

Public Right of Way

Public Rights of Way (PROW) are maintained by the Parish and any defects or obstructions should be notified to the parish PROW officer, Cllr Lin Hoppe , or to the Parish Clerk. Walkers are reminded that it is trespassing to walk across fields and woodland where there is no PROW even if there is a farmers track or wide field headland. Remember fields are normally in use for a commercial product and tramping them down is destroying the farmer’s income. Dog walkers are also reminded that it is an offence not to clear up after their dogs on any publicly accessible land or to trespass and foul farmers’ fields.


The Parish Tree Warden is Mr. Jonathan Fennessey. Any queries on Tree Preservation Orders, work on trees in Conservation Areas or general matters affecting trees in the public realm should be addressed initially to him or the Parish Clerk.

Mr Jonathan Fennessey
Tel: via the clerk

Parish Clerk:  Emma Thomas
Tel: 01885490414

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) Measurements

Bartestree and Lugwardine Group Parish Council rotates Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) on the A438 running through both villages.  The purpose of the SIDs are temporary vehicle-activated signs which detect and display real-time vehicle speeds.  SIDs are a relatively cheap method of speed management which aim to change drivers’ speed behaviour and also provide useful data to improving road safety. The below links provide speed and flow data collected from three SID sites:

Lugwardine (Stella) March 2019

Lugwardine (Kartway House) May 2019

Bartestree (Williams Mead) Oct 2019

Bartestree (Ivy Cottage) April 2019

Grit Bins and Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance & Grit Bin Poster