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For those who do not already know about these charities, grants from them are available for the educational needs of individuals residing within the parishes of Lugwardine and Bartestree. A wide variety of needs have been supported over the years, including equipment, projects and many others. Applications for grants for broadly educational purposes will be considered and may be made by contacting any of the trustees below.

John Baldwin
Revd. Jane Davies
Richard Henderson
Wendy Soilleux

1 thought on “Grant Funds Available”

  1. Re: Malvern View Planning agreement and equipment for children’s play areas.
    This largely relates to Bartestree Village Hall playground which my wife, children and I have frequented over the last 7 years living in the village.
    This grant offers the opportunity to improve both play facilities, safety, access and parking at the village hall if used/planned well and really is an opportunity too good not to comment on.
    1. With the playground where it is i have seen so many children race across the car park to get back to parents watching football, at events in the hall (both private and the Cider festival). This obviously creates a potential safety issue.
    2. There are obvious choke points in driving cars into the car park, one being the entrance immediately off the Ledbury Road (can’t be resolved with playground changes) and the other being the hard left turn just before the playground where without running onto the grass two cars can’t pass each other, creating a traffic jam on busy football days.
    3. Lack of car parking in our growing parish and the popularity of the football, cricket, Cider Festival and hall use.
    I feel these could be partly resolved with the current playground review.
    1. If the playground was moved to the far end of the Village Hall where the cricket nets are this would stop children having to walk/run across the car park to get to football,cricket or events in the Hall. Safety issue resolved.
    2. The above move would then allow the current playground to become additional parking space also allowing a wider area for the hard left turn before the playground so preventing the choke point at this area when busy. It would even allow for the parking on the right as you drive up the cricket pavilion to be more formalised and efficient, rather than haphazard as it currently can be.

    Finally with regards to the equipment of the playground having some for older children would be ideal as mine are now past the 5-8 year age which the current play equipment provides for. A zip wire would be great!

    This is a great opportunity, let’s try and look at the wider Village Hall layout to improve both the play area and the parking in one cohesive plan rather than fragment it and end up with a problem we have to resolve later.


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