Planning Minutes 8 August 2017

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held in
Bartestree Village Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 8 August 2017

Councillors: Cllrs G Davies (Chair); P Wargent; Cllr M Wilson; and Mrs J Karayiannis

Public: 6

1. Apologies for absence were received and accepted from: Cllr Mrs L Hoppé

2. Declarations of Interest:
Item 5 – 172306 Cllr P Wargent Non Pecuniary Interest

3. To Approve the amended Minutes of the Meetings held on 16 May and 23 May 2017 and the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday 11 July and 25 July 2017
Resolved: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Decisions/Notifications Received from Hereford Planning Department
171097 – New Inn, Bartestree, HR1 4BX
Proposed patio seating area, adjacent lounge bar and play area
Comments: Approved
Resolved: Noted
171098 – New Inn, Bartestree, HR1 4BX
Proposed patio seating area, adjacent lounge bar and play area. Listed Building Consent
Comments: Approved
Resolved: Noted
172009 – Summer House, Lugwardine, HR1 4BZ
Proposed single storey extention
Comments: Approved with Conditions
Resolved: Noted

5. Planning Applications considered:

172306 Damar, 3 Croft Close, Bartestree, HR1 4DJ
Proposed single storey extension
Resolved: Application Supported – NDP BL2

172385 – 1 Arrowsmith Avenue, Bartestree, HR1 4DW
Proposed extension and enlargement of existing sun room
Comments: Six members of the public attended the Meeting to express their opposition to the application. The Committee discussed the application in detail and the following points arose:-
(1) It was considered that the wording of the application was mis-leading and that in fact an application for a 2-storey extension is being sought
(2) The proposed extension would impact greatly on No 2 Arrowsmith Avenue by overshadowing and overbearing resulting in loss of privacy. NDP BL2(III)
(3) There would also be a significant adverse impact by way of overbearing/loss of privacy on other neighbouring properties, particularly Nos 24 and 25 Arrowsmith Avenue. NDP BL2(III)
(4) The proposed extension is excessively large compared to the original footprint of the property and considered to be a general over-extension
(5) The proposed development would not be in keeping with neighbouring properties in the area
(6) Concern was expressed that the proposed building would be over a main sewer
Resolved: Application not supported – NDP BL2(3)

172606 – Mill Cottage, Bartestree, HR1 4BA
Variation of a Condition 8 of 142191/F
Resolved: Application Supported

6. Notification of Works to Trees in a Conservation Area – None

Signed………………………………………………  Dated……………………………………………