Planning Minutes 7 April 2015

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held in
Bartestree Village Hall
at 7.00pm on Tuesday 7 April 2015

Councillors: Cllrs G Davies (Chair); Mrs J Karayiannis; Mrs L Hoppé and P Wargent

Public: None

1. Apologies for absence were received from: M Wilson

2. Declarations of Interest: None
Resolved: Noted

3. To Approve the Minutes of Meeting held on 24 March 2015
Resolved: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Decisions/Notifications Received from Hereford Planning Department

150197 – October House, Longworth Lane, Bartestree, HR1 4DA
Proposed extension to existing store building to form new lean-to building
Comments: Approved with Conditions
Resolved: Noted

143733 – Dove Barn, Longworth Lane, Bartestree, HR1 4DA
Propose to remove the roof and lean to elements of existing double garage and form new upper storey accommodation above double garage space
Comments: Listed Building Consent not Required
Resolved: Noted

5. Planning Applications Considered:

150861 – Crown and Anchor, Cotts Lane, Lugwardine, HR1 4AB
Listed Building Consent. Various proposed external repairs
Resolved: There was insufficient detail to make any decision. This in reality is repair work to a listed building

Signed ………………………………………… Date: 21 April 2015