Planning Minutes 25 October 2016

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held in
Bartestree Village Hall at 7.00pm
on Tuesday 25 October 2016

Councillors: Cllrs G Davies (Chair); M Wilson; P Wargent; Cllrs L Hoppé and J Karayiannis

Public: 1

1. Apologies for absence were received and accepted from: None

2. Declarations of Interest: None

3. To Approve the Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 11 October 2016
Resolved: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

4. Decisions/Notifications Received from Hereford Planning Department
153237 55 Frome Court, Bartestree, HR1 4BF
Proposed conversion of former convent chapel to single residential dwelling
Comments: The Clerk contacted Herefordshire Council regarding the error in the Delegated Decision Report. Mr Simon Withers, Development Manager, has apologised for the error and confirmed that the file will be noted that there was an error on the Council’s part.
Resolved: Noted

5. Planning Applications considered:

163189 – Court Cottage, Bartestree, HR1 4DA
Application for variation of condition 3 of Planning Permission DCC083341/F
Comments: There is a lack of clarity with the application. The Planning Committee are confused as to what the applicant is asking.
Resolved: Insufficient information to provide a resolution

163079 – Stalls Farm, Bartestree, HR1 4BY
Application to vary condition 3 of Planning Permission 152820 to “The floodlights shall not be operated between the hours of 9.00pm and 6.00am Mondays to Sundays inclusive”
Comments: 3 Members of the Planning Committee supported the application as requested. 2 Members supported the application but suggested different hours.
Resolved: Application supported by majority vote

163077 – Land to the rear of 2 Quarry House, Lugwardine, HR1 4AA
Proposed new dwelling
Comments: Concern was expressed regarding the appearance of the dwelling. It was suggested that the cladding should be larch or oak. It is not clear what colour the aluminium windows will be.
Resolved: Application Supported

6. Notification of Works to Trees in a Conservation Area